Fitness Professionals Are All Heart

by Ryan Halvorson on Oct 26, 2009

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As if Inspiring the World to Fitness® weren’t enough, here’s evidence that fitness professionals also inspire each other and are more like family members than coworkers. IDEA member Lori Pine, programs director at In Motion Fitness in Chico, California, was about to lose a co-worker—and friend—to lung cancer. Robert Athol Phippen was the oldest Schwinn certified cycling instructor and taught classes at In Motion Fitness.

“Shortly before his death I felt I needed to write Schwinn to tell them about Bob and to tell them what becoming an instructor (he received training from IDEA presenter Mindy Mylrea) meant to him,” she recalls. “I expected no response and wasn’t asking for one.” To her surprise, she did receive a response. “I had no idea that what materialized would have ever happened,” she says. “The Schwinn team banded together to make a special CD for Bob, and we have a fundraiser scheduled for later this year.” Several of Schwinn’s master trainers recorded audio messages and each dedicated a song to him. One of those trainers, Tatiana Kolovou, MS, helped conceive of the moving tribute. “We used my voicemail system to leave audio messages and then pulled those together with music we got from iTunes,” she says. “It was an amazing group effort, and it touched everyone in that club, and his family.”

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