Explore the Transformative Power of Wellness at the 2009 Inner IDEA® Conference

by Mary Monroe on May 26, 2009

Embark on an inner journey to find more balance and well-being for yourself and your clients.

Sometimes you simply need to take a break—not just to get away from the daily grind, but to reassess where you are in your work and your life, to determine what matters most to you and where you want to go next. You can renew your sense of purpose—and recharge mind, body and spirit—at the 4th annual Inner IDEA Conference, September 10–13, 2009.

With an attendee satisfaction rating of over 97%, Inner IDEA has become the world’s leading wellness and fitness event, featuring more than 100 educational sessions presented by internationally renowned experts on Pilates, integrative movement, mindful living, meditation, Nia®, GYROTONIC® exercise, yoga and much more. The fitness event draws top presenters, and each session integrates the fitness event’s core philosophy of mind-body-spirit wellness.

In addition to its groundbreaking programming and acclaimed global leaders on the faculty, Inner IDEA is known for the unique and often profound experience it offers. In the serene setting of La Quinta Resort & Club near Palm Springs, California, participants are immersed in a mindful, nonjudgmental environment that encourages reflection and self-discovery along with exploration of a wide variety of wellness approaches and ideas.

The Power to Heal

Marcia Hayes, programming director for Inner IDEA, notes that this year the fitness conference’s focus on wellness is more important than ever. “This conference is an opportunity for people to explore and develop ways to feel more balanced, centered and prepared for the challenges in their lives,” she notes. “At Inner IDEA, you learn how to handle stress more effectively, how to be less reactive and more proactive, how to change the world from the inside out.”

Inner IDEA attendance is limited to 550 (participants need to sign up early) to maintain an intimate environment that fosters individualized attention, a relaxed pace and a sense of community. The event attracts a diverse group of professionals from all walks of the fitness and wellness industries, including Pilates, group exercise and yoga instructors; personal trainers and lifestyle coaches; fitness business owners and managers; and nutritionists and wellness professionals. Fitness enthusiasts make up a growing segment of fitness conference attendees—fitness professionals are encouraged to invite students and clients to participate.

“The people who come to Inner IDEA are interested in exploring deeper levels of wellness, whether for themselves or their clients or both,” says Hayes. “They find that the deeper they go, the more they discover. They have such a rich experience—it’s often profound. They go on to create new businesses, new relationships; to follow new dreams and new directions. Their stories are so inspiring.”

Attendees’ experiences of transformation through mind-body-spirit wellness inspired the theme of this year’s conference: The Power of Wellness. Says Peter Davis, event co-founder, “Inner IDEA’s purpose is to inspire the world to wellness through body, mind and spirit. This year, the conference is about finding the power to inspire our clients, heal our own lives and heal the world.”

Mindful Moments From Dawn to Dusk

“This conference is unusual because of its 100% commitment to a mindful approach to wellness,” says Hayes. “From the opening ceremony to the closing, from sunrise sessions to sunset, this event is designed to engage participants with a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else.”

Highlights of the 2009 Inner IDEA experience include the following:

A Desert Sanctuary Setting. Inner IDEA will be held at La Quinta, the legendary resort sanctuary outside of Palm Springs, about 45 minutes from the Palm Springs Airport. The historic retreat setting is famous for its stunning mountain vistas, vibrant gardens and serene Spanish villas. There are over 40 pools, five golf courses, five restaurants, 23 tennis courts, 50 hot tubs, and 35 spa rooms dedicated to detoxifying and restorative treatments at the hacienda-styled Spa La Quinta (10% discount for Inner IDEA guests).

Opening Ceremony With Keynote Presenter Steve D’Annunzio. D’Annunzio will explore “Wellness: The True Prosperity,” offering his perspectives on the essence of true wealth. “While the economy and other world problems seem to dominate public conversation, the doorway to true prosperity remains the same,” says D’Annunzio. “Without physical, mental and emotional wellness, life just doesn’t work.” D’Annunzio is a former Unity Church minister and current life success coach to Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes and high-performance entrepreneurs. By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people, enabling them to experience more outer prosperity in their lives.

Special Wellness Events Throughout the Weekend. The fitness conference weaves mindful practice and a wellness focus into every aspect of the program, including the evening Welcome Reception, early-morning experiences, moonlight meditation and meals. A special lunch session will feature speaker Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, renowned chief medical correspondent for the Discovery Health Channel, and a closing ceremony will include “Laughter Yoga.”

Expanded IDEA Marketplace. This year participants can explore an expanded selection of mind-body-spirit resources, tools and education at the Inner IDEA Marketplace. Offerings include educational products, books, music, DVDs, clothing, accessories, tools and equipment from leading mind-body-spirit wellness providers.

Three New Preconference Workshops. Attendees can get in-depth training in specialized wellness areas during three new preconference workshops:

STOTT PILATES® Golf Conditioning on the Reformer and the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer. Raise your client’s golf game to a new level with targeted STOTT PILATES exercises designed specifically on the reformer. The workshop will discuss the unique benefits of working with reformer exercises to enhance core stability and body awareness, creating a lasting performance boost for any level of golfer.

Secrets to Successful Yoga Adjustments. The ability to employ accurate yoga adjustments is one of the most important techniques a yoga instructor can master. This session will examine how simple realignment can completely transform your students’ practice.

Nia—The Body’s Way: Nia’s Somatic Anatomy Training. The Body’s Way is Nia’s principle of using the body in accordance with its specific design and structure. In this training session, you will learn to use sensation—the voice of the body—as your personal guide to greater flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability, paying special attention to the sensation of pleasure.

The Journey Continues

“The growth and evolution of this event has been remarkable,” says Davis. “The Inner IDEA community is at the forefront of the new wellness consciousness. From Inner IDEA, attendees carry the message around the globe, giving people new ways to improve their health and their lives.”

One of the areas that has grown out of Inner IDEA is “integrative movement,” or exercise that combines several mind-body-spirit modalities. “We actually coined that term because we found it to be such a growing area of interest and creativity,” says Hayes. “We’ll also be taking Pilates to the next level this year with over 45 programs, including fresh new programming from STOTT PILATES, Balanced Body® University and Peak Pilates®. We’ll also take a closer look at yoga with more in-depth and special-focus sessions.”

For people passionate about wellness, Inner IDEA offers a unique chance for personal and professional discovery and development. “This conference gives people an opportunity to learn from the leaders in the wellness field, and also to go inward to explore their own mission and new directions for the future,” says Hayes. Inner IDEA is a place to experience the power of wellness for yourself—and find what matters most on your particular journey.” n

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