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Jun 01, 2006

The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention® has fantastic preconference offerings, as well as a new line of InTensive learning options.

For those who are keen to shape the ultimate learning experience at 2006 IDEA World Fitness (July 25–29 in Las Vegas), there are 10 excellent preconference sessions and five 4-hour InTensive sessions that attendees can factor into the mix. Taught by some of the brightest minds in the industry today, these sessions are designed for in-depth learning over the course of a full or half day.

Make your convention experience even more valuable. Take home concentrated knowledge on one of several subjects.

Tuesday, July 25: Take Your Skills Up a Notch
#016 Leadership & Management Skills for Personal Training and Fitness Directors

Instructors: Nicki Anderson and Sherri McMillan, MSc

When: noon–6:00 pm

Description: Most fitness professionals who land in the ranks of facility management don’t necessarily do so by design. Your passions for movement, physiology and inspiring others through teaching are what led you into the fitness fold. Some of you may have been lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a mentor, so your transition into management seemed a natural progression. But many more of you may have been thrown into the management ranks unprepared. You’ve learned and practiced on the job, which is fine, but wouldn’t the experience have been much less stressful with some basic training? Couldn’t you still use some guidance on day-to-day challenges?

What if you or a few promising future managers at your facility were given a chance to absorb a basic management skill set in a certificate course designed specifically to grow fitness professionals into bigger shoes?

The opportunity is here, and the time is now. IDEA has designed a special 6-hour Certificate in Management preconference course called “Leadership & Management Skills for Personal Training and Fitness Directors.” The course is the foundational piece of a curriculum with several layers of management training for personal training, group exercise and facility management. Upcoming IDEA events will feature additional specialty certificates in sales, customer relations, financial management and marketing.

Leading a team of personal trainers or group instructors can be one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a fitness manager. This course—led by veteran owner-managers, authors and presenters Nicki Anderson (owner, Reality Fitness Inc., in Naperville, Illinois) and Sherri McMillan, MSc (co-owner Northwest Personal Training in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon)—will guide attendees through the most important skills needed to develop a successful team, including nurturing and empowering employees and inspiring them to work toward a common vision. You’ll gain clarity in your role as a leader to give you practical skills that will help launch your growth and development on the journey to reaching your leadership potential.

“This management certification course is invaluable for fitness directors—new and experienced,” says McMillan. “Utilizing the systems we’ll share with you will save you time, energy and a lot of headaches. And you’ll impress your facility owners with a world-class fitness program that enhances the club’s bottom line.”

Planning this course was rewarding for Anderson because, she says, it gave her an opportunity to revisit some areas that perhaps she has taken for granted over the past few years or simply overlooked. “Management is leadership, no matter how you slice it. You are not only leading others; you are leading a business to success, and that can be an awesome responsibility,” she says. “Sherri and I have put together this course in the hopes that managers might be reminded of some things they’ve let go, but most important, [we’ll be] providing them with the necessary tools to help them move themselves and their staffs toward excellence in management, training and leadership.”

McMillan concurs, adding, “With our combined years of experience, Nicki and I hope to provide fitness directors with a solid understanding of the most important principles of leadership. But above and beyond that, we want attendees to walk away with materials, resources and practical skills that they can use immediately to motivate their staff to perform at their best and to produce the results that their club owners demand.”

Anderson sums up the value of the certificate course this way: “As the industry evolves, we recognize all of the components necessary to grow and manage a successful business. Whether you are a one-woman operation or a 50,000-square-foot facility, this program will cover all the bases, leaving you better equipped for your role as manager, owner or trainer, all of which are positions of leadership.”

#010 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor-Training Course and Advanced Coaching Clinic, Sponsored by the Nautilus Institute

Instructors: Jay Blahnik and Juliane Arney

When: 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Description: Take the industry’s most comprehensive indoor cycling course led by Schwinn program creator Jay Blahnik. Learn everything you need to know to become an indoor cycling instructor: bike fit, cycling physiology and mechanics, proper technique, the Schwinn Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, class design and class scheduling. You’ll also ride two power-packed workouts—the first with Blahnik and the second with Schwinn master trainer Juliane Arney. Walk away with the skills you need to be the best indoor cycling instructor you can be! Limited to 75 participants.

#011 STOTT PILATES®: Personal Training Matwork Classes: Teaching Skills and Programming Choices

Instructor: PJ O’Clair

When: 8:00 am–noon

Description: Learn how to cue and correct clients to help them achieve optimal form and biomechanics. Discover how to visually observe clients to see if they are stable, correctly aligned, moving fluidly and efficiently, using the right amount of resistance and using correct equipment adjustments. Find out how to modify exercises using resistance, equipment setup, starting position, range of motion, preparations and varying dynamics. This workshop will break down key Matwork exercises, looking at cuing, correcting and modifications. Limited to 75 participants.

#012 STOTT PILATES®: Group Reformer Classes: Teaching Skills and Programming Choices

Instructor: John Garey

When: 1:00 pm–5:00 pm

Description: Teaching group classes on the reformer can be challenging. How do you ensure all your clients get a good workout safely in a group situation? This workshop will give you the programming, cuing and correction skills you need to safely progress your clients through a series of reformer classes. Learn to keep the class moving while giving individual corrections, select exercises that make sense in a group scenario and give modifications and transitions that work.

#013 Training Children

Instructor: Peter Twist, MSc

When: 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Description: Join the Twist team for an interactive seminar on training children for everyday activity, lifelong health and general sport participation. Discover how to help kids 8–16 develop athleticism through structured exercise, improving their secondary fitness characteristics through participation, enjoyment and increased self-confidence. Learn how to inspire fitness with a style of training that transfers well to the everyday demands of a child’s life, including spontaneous play, recreational activities and organized sport participation. Personal trainers, coaches, physical education teachers, parents and health club operators: You are well-positioned to help combat the many obstacles in the way of kids’ fitness by tailoring the exercise experience for youth. You can apply the Twist training style to many environments, including physical education classes and youth sport teams. Plus, find out how to package this work and identify potential markets to expand your youth training services.

#014 Club Without Walls Adventure–Survivor: Lake Las Vegas

Instructor: Jeff Kress, PhD

When: 7:00 am–1:00 pm

Description: Have you ever wanted to be on Survivor? Participants on the reality TV show Survivor rely on teamwork to win tribal challenges—then vote someone off the team! Join us for adventurous outdoor leadership activities that will challenge you to work with others to accomplish a goal—but then stay together. Just as in a professional organization, your group will rely upon communication, teamwork, trust, commitment and goal-setting to be successful in the Lake Las Vegas challenge. Lunch is provided, but your team will need to use its group skills to bring the food to the table! Transportation included. Limited to 20 participants.

#015 RevMaster Cycling Training—Profile Stages

Instructor: Fady Kadifa, MD, FCCP, and Joan Wenson

When: 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Description: This intensive group cycling program features how to train for specific fitness goals in class—speed, strength, endurance and power! Learn how to design class profiles based on these particular components, and gain knowledge of the underlying exercise physiology involved. Enhance your understanding of the associated health concerns and limitations participants have with exercise. Find out how to clearly address varying group fitness levels and safely help your participants advance to the next attainable stage in their training. Limited to 60 participants.

#017 Global Fitness Day (Workouts)

When: 9:00 am–3:45 pm

Description: Global Fitness Day has become an IDEA tradition. We’ve assembled presenters from all over the globe to bring you entertaining and challenging workouts. We can’t think of a more exciting way to begin a convention! Class choices include “Stepping on the Cha-Cha” with Brazil’s Cida Conti; “Fame” with Israel’s Yoav Avidar; “One Step Beyond” with Australia’s Karen Bruk-Finucane; “Step Insertions” with Argentina’s Diego Puras; “Aero Time” with Croatia’s Dubravko Ratkajec; and “Cardioga” with Canada’s Carole Woodstock.

#018 Why Water?

When: 8:00 am–4:45 pm

Water exercise is fast becoming a tool utilized by all people in some shape or form. This day will highlight the principles and properties of water, as well as the benefits of using it for everything from recreational fun to athletic training. Come and see why water works for all! All water sessions are limited to 40 participants.

Introduction to Water Fitness: Ken Baldwin

Shallow-Water Intervals: Tatiana Kolovou, MBA

Description: If you are designing water workouts, you cannot leave out the essentials of interval training. Learn how to use interval training with the amazing qualities of water for endless workout variations. Experience a blending of interval training principles and water-specific exercise progressions, and leave with ideas you can apply to any of your class levels and populations.

Noodle ABCs: Marti Boutin

Description: Use the “noodle” to learn your A-B-Cs in this fun workshop. The As focus on abdominals, the Bs on building muscular strength and endurance, and the Cs on cardiovascular conditioning—all using the noodle.

Water Fitness for Healthy, Active Aging: Shirley Archer, JD, MA

Description: More older adults are getting into the pool for regular exercise. What are some of the common exercise concerns for these clients? Learn valuable teaching techniques to motivate, support and lead your older-adult participants. In addition, experience specific movement adaptations you can apply to this population.

Go Speed Racer!: Bethany Diamond

Description: Want to run faster? Get in the pool! Discover drills that will speed up your sprint. See the benefits and lose the impact—truly functional training for the runner! Faster leg speed, greater efficiency, more power. What have you got to lose, but time?

Fluid Fun: Fitness Games and Activities for Kids: Chris Vega, MPH, RD

Description: Fitness has to be fun in order to keep kids interested and active. Learn how to design circuit training, fitness challenges and games to improve children’s muscular and aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility and motor coordination.

Retrain and Restrengthen—Performance PT: Ken Baldwin

Description: How often do our athletes/clients reinjure themselves or create further damage by returning to competition too early? As trainers, our major goal is to improve clients’ performance to a level better than their previous standard. In this lecture and hands-on session, we use our aquatic knowledge and skills to assist and enhance recovery with simple posttherapy exercise routines in the water.

#019 “The Matrix” of Exercise: Interactive, Advanced Exercise Mechanics, sponsored by the Nautilus Institute

Instructor: Tom Purvis, PT

When: noon–6:00 pm

Description: Get advanced, hands-on and, more importantly, “brains-on” exposure to the reality behind all exercise: mechanics. Spend the day exploring the science that is at the heart not only of each exercise but also of each form of exercise. You will learn to “decode” an exercise to see both the benefit and the risk that exists in it. Learn to strategically manipulate the mechanical variables to increase the benefit and minimize the risk for your clients. Explore the secrets to mastering exercise programming via the process of microprogression, including an examination of the Functional Continuum. Everything from the mechanics of muscular participation to joint forces will be discussed. Some say that “everybody’s different,” as if exercise decisions were arbitrary. Discover the real difference those specific idiosyncrasies make and how to create exercise accordingly. Limited to 60 participants.

Education Gets InTensive

Brand-new this year at IDEA World Fitness are IDEA InTensives, 4-hour sessions power-packed with up-to-date information. Top experts in their areas masterfully blend cutting-edge research and innovative practical application to give you concentrated education for your clients. IDEA InTensives are open to a limited number of participants and give hands-on learning. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion.

#179 Introduction to Coaching Skills

Instructor: Margaret Moore

When: 3:00 pm–6:50 pm, Wednesday, July 26

Description: Experience masterful coaching and learn how to immediately use core coaching skills and processes with your clients. Shift from being an expert, who provides most of the answers, to a coach, who helps clients do the thinking work needed to support change. Volunteers will be coached to develop a personal vision and to improve inquiry, deep listening, reflection, mindfulness and planning skills.

#241 Mastery of Movement Step Aerobics— The Journey From Good to Great

Instructor: Rob Glick and Petra Kolber

When: 8:30 am–12:20 pm, Thursday, July 27

Description: Learn to transform your teaching skills from good to great. Get insights into the whole experience of teaching, including presentation, motivation, connection and inspiration. This highly interactive session explores the tools and teaching methodologies you can use to increase your skills. This session is highly recommended for the new instructor who has 0–3 years’ experience.

#242 Balance Training: What Does the Research Say?

Instructor: Sabrena Newton, MS

When: 8:30 am–12:20 pm, Thursday, July 27

Description: Age-related muscular weakness, inflexibility and motor control impairment all contribute to falling as we grow older. Discover how to design the safest, most effective exercise programs for aging clients. Explore topics related to the prevalence and prevention of falls, and take home specific exercise programming guidelines.

#342 Structural Assessment 101

Instructor: Justin Price, MA, and Ryan Halvorson

When: 8:30 am–12:20 pm, Friday, July 28

Description: Accurate assessments are the key to designing effective exercise programs and group fitness classes. However, the overwhelming amount of information available about assessments can make the process confusing. Learn the basics of performing a musculoskeletal assessment and discover a step-by-step format you can use with every client.

#419 The Pelvic Core Floor

Instructor: Chuck Wolf, MA

When: 8:00 am–11:50 am, Saturday, July 29

Description: The pelvic floor is really the basement of the thoracic core and ceiling of the lower extremities into the pelvis, so the integrated movements of these regions greatly impact it. Learn the gross anatomy of the pelvic floor and how integrated core stability movement patterns will enhance its function. Discover how the musculature of the pelvic floor functions like other muscles.

To register for any of these preconference sessions or InTensives, go to www.ideafit.com or call (800) 999-4332, ext. 7.



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