Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast: Amy Thompson

by Pete McCall, MS on May 20, 2019

Empowered Entrepreneur

Why fitness should be your business!

Very few fitness professionals start their careers thinking they’re going to be salespeople who automatically know how to operate a business and manage others. However, the fact is that fitness is a business and it’s important to know how to think like a business person if you want to have long-term career success.

Many people choose fitness as a career because they want to help others live a healthier life. Amy Boone Thompson is no different, and has had a long, successful fitness career that includes many different positions and titles, including working on the gym floor, being a national director and holding executive titles. She is currently the national customer experience manager for Les Mills, USA, and is a finalist for the 2019 IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year award.

Boone Thompson’s personal mantra “fitness is my business,” embodies her career approach. On this episode of Empowered Entrepreneur, she shares her insights on why it is so important to learn about the business side of fitness.



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Pete McCall, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

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