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Feb 15, 2017


Showcasing nutrition science and the practical application of it are long‐held traditions for IDEA education, whether in our publications or at our live events. It seems fitting that we continue our 35 years of celebrating leadership in the industry with this, our Annual Nutrition Issue.

Most of us know the drill well: Exercise more. Eat sensibly. Get enough sleep. Cook instead of trolling through the drive‐through. But making healthy changes in our lives is almost always easier said than done. Even with our strongest motivation and most steely determination fired up, breaking old, detrimental habits—and adopting new ones—can be daunting.

Those who study behavior change usually agree that transformation can't happen in the face of guilt, fear or regret as motivators. Rather, lasting change happens when it is self‐motivated and supported by a positive mindset. But how to get there?

Top nutrition researchers, behavioral experts and chefs will reveal the skillpower you need to ignite sustainable lifestyle change in your clients at the 2017 IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit in Las Vegas, July 21–22.

Back by popular demand with a 2‐day format that doubles your serving of evidence‐based nutrition and behavioral science made practical, the event may be the proverbial fork in the road that determines your clients' success. We have even added the bonus of cooking demos by well‐known, health‐focused chefs!

You will be surprised and delighted by this rare continuing‐education think tank—unheard of elsewhere for nutrition professionals, health coaches and personal trainers. Earn your CECs/CEUs as you learn from—and get inspired by—experts who know how to press the gas pedal on client transformation. Here is a partial glimpse at the 2017 program and faculty:

  • Learn how to spot the gaps. Clients struggle mightily with many of the same flawed patterns over time. Our masterful faculty will teach you how to assess and prompt nuanced course corrections using proven techniques.
  • Get skilled in drawing out key information from clients. With health coach Christopher McGrath, MS, as guide, you'll tap the inside track on motivational interviewing techniques that will have clients owning and solving their challenges.
  • Understand what is driving today's nutrition conversation and how it influences what your clients eat and their attitudes about food. Award‐winning dietitian Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, FAND, will shepherd the discussion with evidence and inspiration.
  • Mine the most reliable research on diet and disease. It took more than 7,000 studies and the deaths of countless smokers before the U.S. Surgeon General's report on tobacco was released in the 1960s. How many people are suffering needlessly from preventable dietary diseases today? Physician, New York Times best‐selling author and internationally recognized speaker Michael Greger, MD, FACLM, will sort through critical evidence and point out the trip wires.
  • Become a productive partner in every client's care continuum while fortifying your professional network. Physician, dietitian, health coach, personal trainer—each plays a critical role in getting clients onto a lifestyle path that works. Be part of the "killer app" for your clients by learning to cross‐pollinate with other pros who also play a role.
  • Behold the basics of cooking better—and have a blast in the process! Nourishing, delicious food need not be complicated or expensive. Our guest chef Chad Sarno (Rouxbe Cooking School and Wicked Healthy) and author, educator and recipe developer Steven Petusevsky will demonstrate that with a few cooking fundamentals and a little planning, you and your clients can master wholesome recipes and techniques, crushing the excuses that keep you out of the kitchen and away from optimum health.

Visit for details on the rest of this superb program and a faculty lineup that reads like a Who's Who in nutrition, behavior change and lifestyle medicine.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kathie & Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 14, Issue 3

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