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by Jessica L. Cline on Oct 23, 2014


Bring in new members with a wide variety of offerings.

Ageless Champions Boot Camp, offered at Inwood Athletic Club in Joliet, Illinois, focuses on improving strength, balance, agility, mobility and stability in people over 50. The class is held four times a week for 45 minutes, and each day focuses on a different ability. Twice a week participants use a TRX® Suspension TrainerTM; once a week they focus solely on flexibility and balance; and once a week they do outdoor agility training.

Booty Chisel, found at BodyChisel Pilates in Reno, Nevada, emphasizes lower-body strengthening. Sessions combine cardio intervals, reformer work and lower-body movements such as lunges and squats.

In Pleasanton, California, yogis take their practices to new heights with AirFit™ training center’s Summit Yoga. Attendees practice power vinyasa flow at an altitude of at least 1 mile high to help strengthen, detoxify and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

At Cheetah Gym in Chicago, instructors get creative with the alphabet during AlphaBootCamp. During each class, instructors choose a word to spell out by matching the letters to an exercise or drill. The combination of moves used to spell out the word gives participants a full-body workout.

Kaishido Kickboxing, found at VIDA™ Fitness in Washington DC, mixes karate, capoeira, kickboxing, tae kwon do and muay thai into a total-body conditioning class. This inclusive workout helps participants improve their core strength, coordination, balance and endurance.

At Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada in Burlington, Ontario, women improve their strength and cardiovascular fitness with Barre-Lattes. The workout fuses ballet and Pilates into a challenging workout that utilizes the Body Bar® and mats.

At Toms River Fitness® in Toms River, New Jersey, members choose from a variety of classes, including Healthy Horizons. This low-impact workout focuses on increasing muscular strength and bone density. The class starts with an easy dance warm-up before transitioning into simple strength training exercises.

Whipped!, offered at Equinox® in Toronto, gives attendees a full-body strength and conditioning workout. Session utilize strength ropes, kettlebells, the Body Bar® and a variety of other equipment for a fun and intense class.

At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Spinsanity challenges participants by fusing Spinning® and plyometrics. The class builds attendees’ cardiovascular fitness and strength by alternating between cycling intervals and body weight exercises.

On a Roll, found at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, teaches members how to use a foam roller to loosen tight muscles, improve blood flow and aid recovery. This express class was built to offset high-intensity training and help participants improve their strength, flexibility and balance.


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