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by Lisa Quigley, MFA on Jun 01, 2018


Shatter client expectations with these offerings that explore outside the box.

Poodles & Pilates at Pilates Loft of St. Simon’s Island in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia was created by studio owner Marie Artman. Participants in this Pilates workout are accompanied by their pets, with anywhere from 2–7 poodles joining in on a session. “It’s fun to exercise with your pet,” says Artman, adding, “The dogs even have a calming effect on the class environment.”

The circuits in Power Playground HIIT at MINT in Washington, D.C., are designed to feel like a playground for grown-ups. Instructors incorporate tools like kettlebells, resistance bands, weights and ropes, and the workouts are creatively designed to simulate play. The classes include 10–15 total-body intervals and are appropriate for participants of all fitness levels aged 18 and up.

Super Seniors on Kirkaldy Waterfront is a free fitness offering for participants over age 55 offered through Kirkaldy 4 All in Kirkaldy, Scotland. This group fitness experience is created to be a fun and social event that promotes wellness in seniors. The format includes warmup exercises, a brisk walk on the promenade, full-body circuits and a cooldown. The website touts the many health benefits that staying active offers older adults and also boasts “fresh air and fantastic views.”

Cour De Force™ at The Maxx Fitness Clubzz™—with multiple locations in the Midwest and East Coast—combines techniques from boxing, kickboxing and Mauy Thai modalities, presenting something fresh and unique. The sessions are broken into 3-minute rounds of fight sequences that each provide a cardiovascular burst.

12RND FITNESS, located in several locations throughout Australia, explores a unique approach to group fitness: There are no set class times. That’s right! A new “round” begins every 3 minutes, and participants can jump in at any time. The workouts are modeled after a 12-round boxing matches—hence the name of the class and studio. Each session combines functional strength and cardio exercises with boxing skills and drills, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete all 12 rounds. The dynamic program changes daily, so participants stay challenged and engaged.

The Brrrn* in New York City operates on the notion that the body burns more calories in cooler temperatures. That’s why Core and Cardio Slide Board series is offered at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This 45-minute class is circuit-based and focuses on strengthening the entire body. It is offered on a slide board, which, according to their website, improves balance and mobility, sculpts the legs, strengths inner thighs and improves core strength.

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