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by Lisa Quigley on Aug 24, 2017


From fun to fierce, learn some exciting new ways to move.

Cardio Sweat Party, at Power Studios in New York City, was designed by Michele Gordon. It combines kickboxing with dance, athletic drills and upbeat music for a 55-minute, high-energy experience. Classes are open to all fitness levels, and each class begins with a dynamic, kickboxing- based warmup before moving into three to four segments of choreography. In between the choreographed moves, rounds of squats, lunges, jacks, burpees, mountain climbers and other athletic drills round out the experience. Each class finishes with a fun freestyle dance-off, stretches and a mantra meditation.

GrooveaRoo Dance™, offered at several locations throughout San Diego, seeks to normalize family dancing for parents and babies. Created by husband and wife team Meeshi and Amber Anjali, these classes gather baby-wearing moms and dads to spend time dancing as a family. The Anjalis believe in bringing families closer through the power of dance, and part of their mission is “to build communities of families around the world where dance is an integral part of everyday life.”

Combatovatives at Fitnovatives in Chandigarh, India, is inspired by martial arts and draws on disciplines such as karate, boxing, tae kwon do and tai chi to create a fierce and energetic workout. These classes are powered by inspiring music and supported by passionate instructors who create a physically challenging and rewarding experience for participants.

Aqua Fit at Menlo Swim & Sport, Menlo Park, California, uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to condition the body and increase cardiovascular fitness. The format varies from class to class and provides ample challenge to help participants avoid plateaus. Additional resistance equipment, such as gloves, ankle cuffs, noodles, flotation belts and hand buoys, increases muscular development. Upbeat music creates an atmosphere of fun, and all fitness levels are encouraged to attend.

All-Around Circus at Windsor Circus School in Windsor, Ontario, allows curious newcomers to try out different circus disciplines and discover their favorites. This 7-week program introduces students to stretching progressions, aerial silks, aerial hoops and even juggling. When participants complete the course they have a more solid foundation that allows them to progress in the discipline of their choice. The school provides circus training to students of all ages through professional, instructor- directed experiences, and there are no prerequisites to participate.

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