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by Jessica L Cline on Aug 26, 2013


Explore an array of fun movement options with these schedule stars.

AquaFLEX, featured at the AquaCon Fitness Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, takes participants into the pool for a dynamic class that focuses on strength training, core conditioning and flexibility. Attendees use a lightweight AquaFLEX bar to increase the natural resistance of the body moving through water.

Cycorga combines cardio, strength training and flexibility into one format. During this class, found at Executive Sports & Fitness Center in Chicago, participants get a mix of indoor cycling, Pilates and yoga.

At the Pilates Bodies Studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, members participate in TaijiFit™, which combines elements of fitness, meditation and tai chi into a 55-minute session. The website describes this class as “a ride along the wave of your inner power, like surfing on your own life energy.” Instructors lead students through five to six tai chi and qigong movements. The session also includes weighted chi balls and chi bars to build strength and improve joint mobility.

Greenwood Athletic Club in Greenwood Village, Colorado, offers a variety of high-intensity classes to its community, including Code Green and S.W.E.A.T. The former is designed to challenge participants’ abilities through running, jumping, lifting and other skills. The latter is an express 45-minute, total-body workout that uses plyometrics, calisthenics, Pilates and various pieces of equipment to challenge members.

Skinny Mini, found at Lithe® Method in Philadelphia, is a 60-minute hybrid class that combines specifics from other Lithe classes for a specialized workout. All Lithe classes use cheerleading-based moves to focus on strength and cardiovascular fitness. Skinny Mini uses a total-body approach to burn fat, build muscles and give members an intense workout.

Crow, offered at Crowbar Cardio in Dallas, is a 55-minute cross-training class that combines 25 minutes on a RealRyder® bike, 25 minutes on an IndoRow® machine and a 5-minute cool-down and stretch.

“More like a house party than a workout,” 2Fly® is inspired by ’90s moves, music and style, according to Crunch® Gyms. This structured 45-minute dance class, offered at Crunch in Tampa, Florida, includes signature moves, an add-on format and lots of ’90s nostalgia.

At Ploome® in Philadelphia, members get a full-body workout with Double Trouble. This class uses supersets and pairs energetic cardio with resistance training. The high-intensity circuit includes a weighted jump rope, a Skip-It and double dutch jumping.

The Parkour Beginners class focuses on moving efficiently while overcoming obstacles. Found at Bklyn Beast, in Brooklyn, New York City, this class teaches participants to get from point A to point B by running, jumping, vaulting and climbing.

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