Creative Classes That Spark Inspiration

by Joy Keller on Mar 01, 2007

Explore the outside edges of entertainment when coming up with new class concepts.

To help its members unwind during the 2006 holiday season, Neighborhood Pilates NYC introduced DeStress December. According to IDEA member Lauren Rosenfeld, the class taught basic breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition, participants learned how to use aromatherapy, music and visualization to help calm themselves and center their bodies.

On a similar holiday-themed note, Town Sports International launched Rock the Scales. This 8-week weight loss challenge was designed to support members’ New Year’s resolutions with a customized plan that included a targeted workout routine. Participants received online guidance and registered to win prizes, such as a Pilates retreat in Toronto.

Spectral Journeys offers fitness facilities its Colorgized Wellness Program. The concept incorporates color lighting, chakra energy and affirmations into meditation, yoga, Pilates, belly dancing and cycling. According to the company, the program addresses all five elements of wellness—mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

Yoga Dance Rhythms evolved out of IDEA member Carol Argo’s passion for yoga and Nia. “The seamless continuity of yoga and dance movement enhances flexibility and mobility for the entire body,” Argo says. “Swirling arms accompany warrior and triangle poses. Tree pose moves with walking steps and arms to symbolize growing branches. It’s rhythmic, rooted and flowing and attracts students who like to move and dance.”

Pacific Athletic Club in San Diego offers B3 (B cubed). According to the official schedule, the class is “formatted with a combination of cardiovascular sports drills and strength training using only medicine balls, resistance bands and weighted bars.”

During his 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention® session “World-Class Group Exercise Management: From A to Zen,” IDEA member, author and presenter Lawrence Biscontini, MA, mentioned several unique classes he had encountered on his world travels. Here is a partial list:

  • Grass Yoga, where the venue is a labyrinth
  • Mind-Body Triathlon at the Golden Door in Puerto Rico
  • Full-Moon Yoga
  • Play! (adults playing dodge ball, Twister and other childhood favorites)
  • Surprise Sundays (a different instructor and class every time)

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