Cooking Classes for Kids

by Diane Lofshult on Mar 01, 2008

Food for Thought

Want to get your youngsters interested in making healthier meals? You may want to enroll them in cooking classes designed exclusively for kids. These classes, which can range from sushi making to cake decorating, are booming in many markets as parents sign up their budding Barefoot Contessas and Molto Marios.

In the Washington, DC, area alone, kids can choose from classes at a plethora of venues, such as DC Coast (where classes are centered around the holidays); Equinox (which offers an induction burner that won’t singe little fingers); Flavors for Kids (which focuses on whole and natural foods); Just Cakes (which specializes in cake decorating and holiday baked goods); and Sushi-Ko (where kids learn how to make sushi rolls by using bamboo mats).

Generally speaking, cooking classes for children have varied schedules, and some target individuals while others prefer groups.

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