"C" Is for Carotene?

Sep 01, 2005

Stash the Oreos, Cookie Monster.

Stash the Oreos, Cookie Monster. The food police are out in force on Sesame Street. The longtime favorite kids’ television show is joining the battle against obesity by launching a new season with the theme “Healthy Habits for Life.” And that means that young viewers will be seeing fewer dancing cookies and more prancing colorful veggies. Guest stars like singer Alicia Keys and astronaut Buzz Aldrin will teach kids how to move their bodies in different ways and how to use food for energy. Even old standbys like Elmo will get on board the program by offering tips on smart eating patterns. Ironically, McDonald’s is one of the corporate sponsors of the new Sesame Street healthy-habits theme.

But don’t discount Cookie Monster just yet: In addition to ditties like “Colorful Carrots,” the muppets will be singing a song to teach kids the difference between “anytime” foods and “sometimes” foods. Instead of advocating that kids eliminate cookies altogether, the Monster will be singing along to a new tune called “A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food.”

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