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Jan 01, 2003

Inspire the World to FitnessĀ®

What inspires your passion for fitness? A natural love of movement? A dramatic event in your life? The worry about health and aging issues? There are many models for exercise and healthy eating, but you already know that your passion, as well as your knowledge, is a “secret weapon” in motivating physical activity.

Fitness folks already are the front-runners in spreading the word about exercise. However, the rush of press coverage pouring from the reports on obesity has given us an opportunity to reach out even more. Just one small thing that you do can start a tidal wave in your local area.

Inspiration Tip #1

“Have clients slowly adapt to the intensity of exercise. Help them set small, reasonable goals like walking for 10 minutes.

“After I recovered from [cancer] treatments, I started walking little by little to regain my strength. When I went back to teaching my seniors’ class, I was exhausted after it. I told my students, ‘Oh my God, this is hard.’ They said, ‘We’ve been telling you that for 10 years!’ I gained a new appreciation for [what it feels like to be] out of shape.”

Josie Gardiner, 2002 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year

Trainer Inspiration Tip #2

“I was used to keeping everything new. I found that seniors didn’t want constantly changing choreography. They like mastering grapevines and doing them over and over again. I realized I liked slowing down.”

Peggy Buchanan, MA, 2002 IDEA Program Director of the Year

Tell Us What You Are Doing

What have you done that’s inspired people to exercise? Do you have a client or class that has met one of the Healthy People objectives? Send an e-mail, letter or fax telling us your story. We’ll be publishing your ideas in upcoming issues.

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IDEA Health Fitness Source, Volume 2004, Issue 1

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