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by Jessica L. Cline on Apr 23, 2014


Train your clients’ bodies and minds with functional exercise classes.

NewVo, a dance fusion class offered at Being Fit Gym in San Diego, combines Middle Eastern dance and cardiovascular training for a total-body workout. The instructors offer multiple movement approaches to make this class challenging and appropriate for all fitness levels, according to the online description.

3D XTREME™, a high-intensity, team-oriented class, challenges its participants by combining cardio, conditioning and core work. This 50-minute session, featured at Life Time Fitness in Champlin, Minnesota, offers participants a functional and integrated full-body workout.

At Terlingo Cycle in Dallas, members are led through an inspirational 45-minute journey with TGO Cycle, a rhythm-based indoor cycling class that also incorporates weights and core exercises.

At New York Health & Racquet ClubTM in New York City, members can choose from a variety of classes including KERBOOMKA®, a hip-hop dance session, and BODYART™, a challenging mind-body session that incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, tai chi, strength training and dance.

At Superstar Gym in New York City, members use unique treadmills that require body weight to power them. Fitwalker is a cross-cardio workout that also helps improve balance and coordination.

Recess Lab®, a pre choreographed program aimed at children aged 6–12, uses fun movements and games. This 45-minute class, offered at Aerobicgården in Frederikssund, Denmark, provides participants with a new routine every week to keep things fresh and to encourage the kids to improve their strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Triad is a three-part class offered at Baptist Health in Lexington, Kentucky. The class starts with 15 minutes of cardio, followed by 15 minutes of strength training and finishes with 15 minutes of core exercises and stretching.

WH Smart Yoga, offered at Wheel House in San Francisco, adds a twist to the traditional yoga format by incorporating SmartBells®. This 60-minute session links movement and breath while flowing through standing and seated poses, balances, inversions, twists, back-bends and hip openers.

At Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club in East Lansing, Michigan, participants develop and strengthen their neuromuscular pathways with The M.I.X. This 60-minute class focuses on functional training through the use of multi-directional, multiplanar and multijoint exercises.

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