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by Biray Alsac, MS on Dec 08, 2010

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Use the power of blogs to extend your engagement with customers.

Activating a profile on the IDEA FitnessConnect directory is one way to generate client leads and enhance business marketing. However, your “overview” page is only a first impression; to differentiate yourself from other fitness professionals listed in your area, you can do more. An active blog creates another opportunity for (future) clients to learn about your skills and services.

The blogging tool allows any individual fitness pro or club manager to write regular health- and fitness-related posts within his or her profile. Share your expertise, highlight upcoming events or define your training philosophy. Click on the “blog” tab on the main profile page and follow the three-step process. (The option to link an existing blog to a profile is also available.)

Whether you have been blogging for years or are just starting out, the four tips below can help you leverage this tool effectively.

1. Have a Purpose

To stand out in a health and fitness directory, choose an overarching theme or topic as your primary emphasis. This is not to discourage you from blogging about general health and fitness topics but rather to help you distinguish and/or strengthen your professional brand.

2. Achieve Maximum Exposure

Expand your audience by promoting your work across all social networks. You can send your blog posts to Twitter, “like” them on Facebook and share them with clients via the “Client Share” tool; simply click on the corresponding buttons at the bottom of each individual post.

3. Post Content Regularly

Make sure your clients receive your latest news. If your blog syncs with IDEA FitnessConnect’s Client Newsletter, the headlines to your three most recent blog posts appear on the sidebar. Posting content three times per month can ensure that clients get timely information in their monthly newsletter.

4. (For Club Profiles) Have Multiple Authors

Consider asking your fitness staff to contribute posts to the club’s blog. This not only helps sustain a blog but also allows club members to hear from your entire training team via one unified blog.

“A blog is a great way to draw attention from potential members, fitness professionals and media,” says Amy Boone Thompson, chief operating officer of Stroller Strides LLC in San Marcos, California. “It can be informative, motivational, educational or just fun.”

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