Best Apps to Edit Videos

Nov 10, 2017

To stay competitive and stand out with the content you post on social media, you’ll likely need the help of one or more mobile apps. According to one survey, visual marketing content performed 4.4 times better than text-based content, highlighting the importance of dynamic images and design (Chute & Digiday 2015). Respondents to another survey cited “great production quality” and “compelling image” as the top two factors that make visual content successful when you’re marketing online (Lewis 2016). In today’s sophisticated and saturated social space, you can’t really get away with posting marketing pieces that look like a 5-year-old made them. Luckily, there are countless apps that allow anyone to produce great-looking graphics and video relatively quickly—no design or video-editing experience necessary.

Apps for Video Editing

Creating studio-quality clips is getting easier all the time with apps for editing, enhancing and embellishing videos.



iOS; free

This video-editing tool from Apple is simple to use, allowing you to create multimedia .mov files in just a few minutes. You can pull video from your iPhone/iPad or film a sequence on the spot, adding captions and subtitles that automatically generate and appear on screen as you speak. There’s also the option to create a video using multiple photos or photos combined with video. Other features include the ability to add filters, title slides, emojis, music, animated text and more.



iOS, Android, Windows; approx. $2–$3

You get a lot of features in this app, making it well worth the reasonable price tag. However, it is a bit more time-consuming to use compared with apps that offer fewer bells and whistles. You can edit out bits of your video, integrate music, add filters, choose to use slow motion or speed up your video, plug in subtitles, merge two or more video clips, and more.



iOS; free with a few in-app upgrades

If you need something simple, try Overvideo. The app’s main function is to add text and/or graphics over video. For an extra fee, there’s an option to drop in music and crop and trim your video.

For a more detailed discussion of using apps and other tools to create your own marketing material, see “Apps for Business Efficiency” by Ryan Halvorson in the debut issue of IDEA Fit Business Success. To learn more about this brand-new e-newsletter, contact IDEA’s Inspired Service Team at 800-999-4332, ext. 7.


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