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Ready to Become a Virtual Personal Trainer?

Feb 13, 2018

gymGO is where fitness pros and clients come together, using the latest technology for a 2-way, LIVE training experience. gymGO provides a variety of workouts that can be accessed anywhere, anytime⎯maximizing your chances, as a trainer, to grow your business and maximizing your chances, as a client, to complete every single workout, while minimizing your excuses not to. Real training, real results, in real-time. It’s GO time!

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A few tips from gymGO to help you get started.

For decades personal trainers have empowered our population to live a healthier lifestyle in a safe & effective way. The goal is for sessions to be geared towards individual needs so that results are met within specific timeframes. Personal training methods should evolve as the changing world of health and fitness does the same. Technology components make it possible for you to add virtual training capabilities that simultaneously deliver those same results to those who need trainer access.

Becoming a Virtual Trainer

Personal training involves the ability not only to instruct a client through exercise programming, but also to motivate that client to stick to his or her program and see results develop over time. In a virtual training world, this also holds true. The difference is that the physical location of a trainer changes while the motivation factor remains constant. As a personal trainer, you should take the traits that make you an inspiration to your clients and convey those aspects of your personality through video capabilities. Becoming as great on camera as one is in person can be a seamless process. If you’re not comfortable on camera, practice before the first official session to find improvements.

Finding Virtual Space

The location of the training session is also a decision a trainer wants to make upon deciding to enter the virtual space. No matter if the space is indoor or outdoor, lighting is important. Natural (windows) or artificial light (studio lamps) used should exude enough detail to demonstrate form and technique. In addition, space to move and demonstrate exercises from all angles is imperative for a productive training session between yourself and your client.

Technology & Equipment

In order to get started as a virtual personal trainer, you want to acquire the proper technology and equipment necessary to be effective in your sessions. Video chat capabilities allow users to speak face-to-face from anywhere across the globe. The GymGO training platform allows you to access video conferencing capabilities through a centralized site that also encompasses all your training session data. You’re then able to perform sessions virtually and stay organized for planning client workouts.

Video instruction means that a client should be able to hear the instruction clearly; an internal or external microphone and video webcam are needed. Deciding whether to use a portable tablet, a laptop, or a desktop with a webcam can also impact the design of a training space. A technical run-through of a session is appropriate practice before a live session. Within GymGO, you can test your system any time, including before the first live training.

Organizing Sessions & Clients

In order for both the client and trainer to be successful, each should find methods to stay organized and structure a follow-up plan that works. Through the GymGO platform, you can send a client their scheduled session information, including date/time details plus what to expect within the session. You will also be able to share session notes that your clients can review to stay on course. Notifications can be sent directly between you the trainer and your client. Just as with a live training relationship, a virtual training relationship thrives off clear communication and expectations.

Exponential Reach

Universal access to clients translates into convenient and comfortable training sessions. Many clients can't get to a gym or may even prefer being in another location for their workout sessions. Other clients may want the ease of accessing a knowledgeable trainer from anywhere, no matter if they are home or traveling. Learning the tools needed to be a virtual personal trainer in the fitness world increases client reach and retention in a space where remaining strong in mind and body is a consistent need.

IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 16, Issue 3

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