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Jun 01, 2006

The 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention is next month. Have all your questions about registration, session selection and other issues been answered?

The IDEA membership team is busy fielding calls and e-mails as the registrations pour in for the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas (July 25–29). If you haven’t yet registered or checked out the rich array of sessions and continuing education credits (CECs), there’s still time! Log on to to get the process started. Classes fill up fast, so don’t procrastinate any longer. Whether this is your first IDEA World Fitness Convention or your 20th, you’re bound to have questions about the registration process and the convention itself.

In an effort to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about registration, CECs, session selection, accommodations and other facets of this exciting event, we asked our member services crew—the A Team—to anticipate some of your needs. In addition to the usual array of exciting IDEA World Fitness coverage that we roll out in IDEA Fitness Journal, for the next two issues our senior director of membership Annina Torri, senior account manager Alex Halkias and account manager Anthony Gionti will continue to answer your FAQs and give tips on how to maximize your experience.

If you don’t find what you need here or in the April or May installments of this special section on IDEA World Fitness FAQs, you can always contact the A Team directly by calling (800) 999-4332, ext. 7, or—if outside the United States and Canada—(858) 535-8979, ext. 7; or by e-mailing The team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you!

This is my first event, and it’s a little overwhelming! What help can you offer to first-timers?

We realize that there is a lot going on at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, but fear not, because we can help! Actually our veteran attendees can help. We have created a Mentor Program designed to help first-time attendees learn the ropes. We’ve recruited the assistance of IDEA convention veterans to teach first-timers the ins and outs of attending our biggest event of the year. You may even learn a secret or two and become a pro before you know it! To sign up for the IDEA World Fitness Mentor Program—or to ask other questions—simply phone or e-mail the membership team.

We also encourage you to attend the IDEA World Fitness Orientation on Tuesday, July 25, from 8:00 to 8:45 pm. This session will provide you with inside information on how to get the most out of your convention experience. IDEA staff will be there to welcome you and answer your questions. There will also be an on-site help desk at attendee registration. Stop by during our open hours with any questions or concerns.

How do I know what sessions I got into, and when do I find out?

If you registered by the May 19 advanced-registration deadline or as a Platinum Pass attendee and provided us with an e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your sessions approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. If you registered after the advanced-registration deadline or didn’t provide us with an e-mail address, you will receive your session schedule when you check in at the attendee registration booth on-site at the event.

What is required to enter a session?

When you check in at attendee registration, you will receive three items that you must have in order to enter a session. The first is your wristband; the second is your session schedule; and the third is your name badge. If you should misplace or lose any of these items during the event, please go to attendee registration to have them replaced.

Are there places to change and/or shower between classes?

Unfortunately, other than your hotel room, there are no shower facilities available to attendees in the convention center. Restroom facilities throughout the venue can be used for changing clothes, if needed.

What sort of food is nearby?

While IDEA doesn’t provide food, there are several places to purchase food at kiosks and restaurants both in the convention center and at the Hilton. The Hilton has various on-site restaurants where you can enjoy a sit-down meal or grab a snack on the go. Eating places include The Buffet, Andiamo, Benihana, Hilton Steakhouse, 888 Noodle Bar, Garden of the Dragon, Teru Sushi, Margaritagrille, Paradise Café, Quark’s Bar and Restaurant, TCBY, Vegas Subs, Fortuna and Pizza Hut “Express.” Ask the hotel concierge for details on any of these.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes, bring a friend—bring two friends! You can purchase a companion package for $75 and share this exciting fitness experience with a spouse, friend or family member. Your companion will receive admission to the Keynote Address, the Fitness & Wellness Expo and Meet the Challenge at The Beach nightclub, as well as a commemorative gift. Please note that this package does not include admission to convention sessions. Any friends who would like to attend educational sessions will need to purchase those separately.

Next Month . . .

We’ll answer the following FAQs about the event in the July–August issue:

  • Is it possible to attend only the Fitness & Wellness Expo?
  • What sort of vendors will be exhibiting?
  • I can’t make it this year. Where is the IDEA World Fitness Convention next year? Is there any special theme for 2007?
  • How can I become a presenter or an assistant at IDEA World Fitness?
  • What are the benefits of IDEA membership?

Do you have a question about the IDEA World Fitness Convention? Call one of the A Team in our member services department at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7, or (858) 535-8979, ext. 7.

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