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Man weight lifting

Does Lifting Weights Lower Blood Pressure?

By Zachary Mang, MS | July 23, 2021

Resistance training does much more than build strong muscles and bones, but does lifting weights lower blood pressure too?

Woman shown in various stages from sleeping to waking

Sleep Hygiene Is One Key to Health

By Beverly Hosford, MA | July 22, 2021

Sleep hygiene consists of habits and behaviors that help us to get enough good-quality sleep to leave us refreshed, both physically and mentally. These days, improving sleep hygiene is a priority for many overstressed clients, but adopting new sleep habits can be challenging. Why do we postpone sleep? Does going to sleep feel like losing control, somewhat…

Conscious Counsel Business tips

4 Legal Essentials Every Studio Owner Must Know in the Post-COVID Era

By Cory Sterling | July 21, 2021

In order to operate your business safely, here is a legal crash course with 4 core tips you should keep in mind.

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