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gilad janklowicz

Q&A: Foundational Fitness Insight from Gilad Janklowicz

By Joy Keller | January 16, 2023

The early 1980s gave birth to many fitness movements and professional organizations, including IDEA Health & Fitness Association (1982). The idea of organized and professionally led exercise wasn’t new, but it also wasn’t mainstream. Consumers were aware of Jack Lalanne, who had been on the air since 1951, and Jazzercise® was well established. People weren’t…

Inspire Forward

By Joy Keller | January 12, 2023

How is IDEA Health & Fitness Association evolving in support of its members and the entire fitness, wellness and sports industries? Amy Boone Thompson, IDEA’s owner and CEO, summarizes the top three activations and innovations from 2022. Discover what IDEA has planned to help fitness professionals exceed expectations in 2023. Explore more industry news, insights…

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