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by Jessica L. Cline on Nov 06, 2014

Week: 11/1/14 to 11/7/14

It is essential for fitness professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest health and fitness news. You never know when your clients are going to ask about some new workout or fad diet they’ve heard about; don’t let them catch you unprepared. Use IDEA FitFeed to stay in the know. This inclusive tool collates health, fitness and nutrition news being shared by fitness professionals around the web and posts the top trending news items in one convenient location. If you are just learning about this tool or haven’t used it in a while, you can catch up here.

1. Your Gut Health Dictates Your Overall Health

You gut is a control center for your health and the state of it determines the state of the rest of your body, according to this article from MindBodyGreen. The piece goes on to explain how big of a role the gut plays in one’s health, brain functioning and emotions. The article also provides tips for keeping your gut healthy. View the full article here.

2. FUNtervals Can Improve Classroom Behavior in Students

A brief, high-intensity interval exercise lasting only 4 minutes can improve classroom behavior in primary school students, according to this article from ScienceDaily. The piece reviews a research study which had students participate in FUNtervals breaks throughout the day. Following these breaks researches noticed less off-task behaviors in the classroom. View the full article here.


3. Motivational Texts Can Inspire People to Exercise

Daily motivational texts can encourage people to get moving, according to this article from the StarTribune. The piece looks at a recent study which found that Latinos who received daily motivational texts almost quadrupled their weekly exercise levels. Other forms of contact, such as phone calls and emails require much more mental energy than texts. “Texting, by comparison, is simple and immediate—so the messages have a better chance of sinking in, especially if they communicate what people are thinking anyway,” the article states. View the full article here.


4. Regular Exercise Can Soften the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

By now you have heard that prolonged sitting can have many detrimental health effects, but did you know that physical activity can lessen the damage? According to this article from IDEA Fitness Journal people with higher fitness levels have markedly lower cardiometabolic risk and adiposity. The piece notes that further research is needed, but that these findings underscore the need to encourage achieving higher fitness levels through meeting physical activity guidelines to decrease disease risk factors. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris Hunkeler

5. Alcohol Should Have Calorie Content Labels

Requiring alcohol to have calorie content labels could help reduce obesity, according to this article from BBC News. The piece explains that many people are blissfully unaware of how many calories are in just one serving of alcohol. “Eighty percent of adults have no idea what the calorie count is in anything they're drinking; and if they do think they have an idea, they totally underestimate it anyway,” says Shirley Cramer, the Royal Society for Public Health’s chief executive, in the article. In a small experiment, people who were told the calorie content of their drink consumed 400 fewer calories in a session. View the full article here.


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