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by Jessica L. Cline on Jul 24, 2014

Staying up to date on the latest health and fitness news is important for all health and fitness professionals, but the constant stream of new information can make this difficult. That is where IDEA FitFeed comes into play. This inclusive tool collates top news being shared by fitness professionals around the web and posts it in one convenient location. You can find all of the top headlines from leading news sources without having to flip through multiple websites and pages. Catch up on news from the past week here.

1. Diet Affects Stress Levels

Your diet can affect your stress levels, according to this article from NPR. The piece looks at a research study which found that high glycemic foods cause crashes in blood sugar levels, which in turn increases the hormones linked to stress. However, the good news is that there are also foods that can lower stress levels and elevate mood, including foods high in omega-3s. View the full article here.


2. Yoga Practice Boosts Working Memory

Regular yoga practice improves the brain’s executive functioning, according to this article from Runner’s World. The piece looks at a study which found that people who practiced yoga for 8 weeks improved their planning, working memory and troubleshooting, while those who participated in a stretching and strengthening program for the same time period did not see similar improvements. These findings build on earlier research which found that yoga increases activity in the frontal lobes, which are thought to be heavily involved in executive functioning. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jasmine Kaloudis

3. Sleep Loss Leads to Weight Gain

If you are trying to lose weight, getting adequate sleep is an important component, according to this article from USA Today. The piece looks at recent research which found that sleep not only affects appetite and hunger levels, but may affect every process in the body. The article goes on to look at all the ways insufficient sleep can affect the body and also suggests how much sleep the average person needs. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lotus Carroll

4. Health Coaching Bridges the Gap Between the Fitness and Medical Communities

Health coaching is not new, but its ability to bridge the gap between medical recommendations and the behaviors required to implement them has put it in the spotlight, according to this article from IDEA Fitness Journal. The piece details what a health coach is and how they can help clients to meet goals. It also provides resources and tips for people interested in this specialty. View the full article here.

5. Outdoor Time Improves Physical Fitness Levels in Kids

Getting some fresh air can be good for youths’ health and activity levels, according to this article from the Daily RX. The piece looks at a recent study which found that children and teenagers who spent more time outdoors were more likely to be physically active and spend less time sitting. The researchers suggest that health policies are needed to encourage outdoor activity, since kids are stuck sitting in school all day. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Brian Jackson

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