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by Jessica L. Cline on Jun 19, 2014

Week: 5/17/14 to 5/23/14

Do you regularly keep up with IDEA Fitfeed? It is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest health, fitness and nutrition news from around the world. This inclusive tool collates top headlines being shared around the web by health and fitness professionals and posts them in one convenient location. Article headlines range from What Happens to Your Body During a 30-Minute Run? to 20 Reasons Why Yoga Heals. These headlines come from top news sources, personal blogs and everything in between. If you missed the latest news from this past week you can catch up here.

1. Food Marketing Creates a False Sense of Health

A false sense of health created by buzzwords on food packaging and a failure to understand the information presented in nutrition facts panels are contributing to the obesity epidemic, according to this article from Science Daily. The piece looks at research which found that consumers are tricked into thinking packaged foods are healthier than they really are when the packaging contains buzzwords such as “antioxidant,” “gluten-free” and “whole grain.” The research also found that consumers did not really understand nutrition labels and had a hard time distinguishing which food items were healthier. View the full article here.


2. Sports Specialization Can Be Harmful to Kids

Young kids who specialize in a single sport risk injury and burnout, but don’t improve their odds of attaining an elite sports career, according to this article from The Washington Post. The piece looks at research which has found that focused training programs can be harmful to kids and do not increase their later success. The article suggests letting kids have unstructured play and letting them sample a variety of sports, instead of pushing them to pick just one. View the full article here.


3. We Need to Make Choosing Real Foods Easier

The “real food” message is a great way to start reversing the obesity problem, but to really make it effective we need to make eating real food easier, according to this article from The Huffington Post. Author Brad Stulberg explains that our food environments make junk food the easier option and that is why people usually choose it. Stulberg explains that to really make a difference we need to redesign our supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants to present real foods as the easier choice. View the full article here.


4. Healthy Habits of Naturally Fit People

Building healthy habits is an essential part of getting and staying fit, according to this article from MindBodyGreen. This piece looks at five common habits that fit people share, including enjoying exercise, avoiding diets and prioritizing sleep. The article explains why each of these habits is essential to a healthy lifestyle and how you can start incorporating them into your life. View the full article here.

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5. Many People Overestimate Their Exercise Intensity

Most people underestimate the intensity of physical activity required to achieve health benefits, according to this article from Science Daily. The piece looks at a recent study which found that people underestimated what moderate intensity exercise was and overestimated their own intensity levels. The researchers note that this finding is very worrisome for public health and well-being. View the full article here.


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