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by Jessica L. Cline on Nov 14, 2013

Week: 11/9/13 to 11/15/13

How much of an impact do parents have on their children’s lifestyles? Can exercising during pregnancy help promote healthy fetal development? Does the order in which foods are offered on a buffet line matter? You can find the answers to these questions and other relevant news items on IDEA FitFeed. This inclusive tool gathers news articles, research studies, blogs and all content being shared by fitness professionals around the web and posts it in one convenient location. Top headlines come from The New York Times, BBC News, USA Today, The Huffington Post, IDEA Fitness Journal, ScienceDaily and many other leading health, fitness and nutrition news sources. Catch up on the latest news from the past week here.

1. Parents Can Promote Healthy Lifestyles

In this article from USA Today, nutrition experts offer parents tips on how to provide a healthier home environment for their children. “Parents have far more power than they realize to guarantee a healthy future for their children,” says childhood obesity expert Melinda Sothern, in the article. Sothern and other nutrition experts list ways parents can make an impact on a child’s lifestyle, such as encouraging play and making sure the family eats meals together at a table. View the full article here.

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2. Exercise Improves Newborns’ Brainpower

Getting moderate exercise three times a week or more can help expectant mothers feel better and enhance fetal development, according to this Today article. This piece reviews a study which found that newborns from mothers who exercised during pregnancy responded more efficiently to noises and in a more advanced manner than babies from moms who did not exercise. The mothers who exercised also reported having less severe morning sickness and recovering faster after giving birth. “I think that what [this study] does is that it confirms and can reaffirm [for] moms [that] staying active and healthy during pregnancy is good for mom and baby,” Rebecca Starck, MD, the regional director of obstetrics and gynecology at the Cleveland Clinic, says in the piece. View the full article here.


3. Partially Hydrogenated Oils Are No Longer Considered Safe

The Food and Drug Administration has made a preliminary decision to no longer recognize partially hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans fats, as safe. This CNN article reviews what this decision will mean for consumers, stating that this is the first step toward potentially eliminating trans fats from the food supply. The decision will not be finalized until after a 60-day comment period, which will allow for the collection of additional data and the chance to gain input from food manufacturers. View the full article here.

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4. Offer Healthy Food Options First

This article from The Huffington Post reviews a research study which found that the order in which foods are offered on a buffet line has a significant effect on what consumers will choose to load their plates with. The study found that when healthier options were offered first, consumers were more likely to choose and eat them. “The first three food items a person encountered in the buffet comprised 66% of their total plate, regardless of whether the items were high or low-calorie foods,” researcher Brian Wansink, a behavioral economist and professor at Cornell University, is quoted saying. The article goes on to explain how other aspects of the eating environment can also affect what and how much someone eats. View the full article here.


5. Moscow Citizens Can Pay for Their Subway Ride in Squats

As part of the Russian Olympic Committee’s initiative to promote healthy lifestyles to the public, Moscow citizens can pay for their ride on the Moscow metro with squats, according to this CNET article. The piece explains that Moscow commuters can choose to perform 30 squats in two minutes instead of paying 30 rubles for their ride throughout the month of November. This challenge is just one of many events that the Russian Olympic Committee has put into place to add an element of sport to citizens’ daily lives in preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games. View the full article here.

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