5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on IDEA FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L Cline on Jun 06, 2013

Week 6/1/13 to 6/7/13

If you want to stay up to date on the latest news in the health and fitness world, IDEA FitFeed can help. FitFeed pulls top headlines and articles being shared by fitness professionals around the web and makes them available in one convenient resource. In the past week there were articles from top news sources including The New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, BBC News, The Huffington Post and many others. If you are just tuning in to FitFeed, this quick summary of the week’s news will bring you up to speed.

1. You Will Soon Be Able to Find Nutritional Info on Google

According to this RedOrbit article Google is unveiling a new tool to help users find nutritional information easily. Consumers will soon be able to see calorie, protein and fat content of more than 1,000 different foods, the article states. Author Sophia Breene of Greatist.com says the nutrition data comes directly from the US Department of Agriculture. “Anything that makes healthy choices even easier gets a gold star in our book,” she says in the article. View the full article here.

2. Cycling Is the Leading Cause of Sports-Related Head Injuries

Did you know that bike accidents contribute to more sports-related head injuries than any other activity, including football? This article from The New York Times reports that according to data from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons “cycling accidents played a role in about 86,000 of the 447,000 sports-related head injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2009.” The piece suggests that many of the serious head injuries could be prevented with precautions such as wearing a helmet and using a marked bike lane. View the full article here.

3. Americans Are Indulging in Sweets Less Often

“America's sweet tooth is finally being tamed—at least, a bit,” claims this USA Today article. Research collected by the NPD Group shows that both American children and adults ate fewer sweets last year than they did in 1998. The NPD Group data was collected from daily food diaries kept by 5,000 people living in 2,000 households nationally. The piece quotes NPD’s chief industry analyst Harry Balzer as saying “the shift in consumer eating away from sugary sweets is unmistakable and not just some short-term trend.” View the full article here.

4. Healthy Fats Are an Essential Part of a Balanced Diet

In this U.S. News article by Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN, we learn that not all fats are bad and that fats can be beneficial if looked at in quality not quantity. Taub-Dix also explains that in most cases when fat is removed from a product it is replaced with less healthy ingredients. Fat has important functions in the body and can provide added health benefits if eaten in proper portions, she explains. “The simple message is that fats are important—but not all are created equal, so be careful about which types you choose,” Taub-Dix concludes. View the full article here.

5. Vegetarians Live Longer

A recent study from Loma Linda University, reported in TIME Healthland, found that “vegetarians had a 12% lower risk of death compared with nonvegetarians.” The researchers determined their findings by following 70,000 participants, the largest study of its kind to date. “We can’t tell from this current paper with certainty, but one of the most plausible potential reasons contributing to this beneficial association is perhaps the absence or reduction of meat intake,” said Michael J. Orlich, MD, program director of the preventive-medicine residency at Loma Linda University. The study also found that the link between a vegetarian diet and a lowered mortality rate was more prevalent in men than in women. View the full article here.

If you want to see the latest health and fitness news headlines check out IDEA FitFeed.

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