5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L Cline on Jun 28, 2013

Week: 6/22/13 to 6/28/13

Do you keep up with IDEA Fitfeed? It is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news from the health and fitness world. FitFeed pulls top headlines and articles being shared by fitness professionals around the web and makes them available in one convenient resource. Headlines that cycle through the list come from leading news outlets, magazines, websites and even personal blogs. If you haven’t been following FitFeed you can catch up on the most recent news here:

1. Obesity Rates Are Still On the Rise

According to a recent Gallup survey reported in The Huffington Post, U.S. obesity rates are on track to surpass last year’s levels. The report showed the U.S. obesity rate is 27.1 percent, up from last year’s 26.2 percent. These findings are based on phone interviews conducted by Gallup with over 84,463 U.S. adults. View the full article here.


2. Amount, Not Frequency, of Activity Is Important for Health Benefits

This article from ScienceDaily reports that all adults who get the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week receive the same health benefits, regardless of how they fit their exercise in. The study compared adults who exercised daily with individuals who exercised just a few times a week; it found that frequency of activity did not matter, only the total accumulated time. “The important message is that adults should aim to accumulate at least 150 minutes of weekly physical activity in whatever pattern that works for their schedule," said Ian Janssen, PhD, professor at Queen’s University, in the article. View the full article here.


3. Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About Healthy Eating Habits

According to this Los Angeles Times article, talking to children about healthy eating habits gets better results than speaking to them about their diet or weight. “The overweight kids who got a good dose of healthful eating advice from parents were significantly less likely than those who heard diet-and-weight talk to engage in dieting and unhealthful weight-control behaviors such as fasting or laxative use,” author Melissa Healy writes. The study also found that kids whose fathers spoke to them about weight loss and diets were much more likely to engage in unhealthy weight-loss techniques. View the full article here.

4. Wales’s Schools Considering Adding PE to Their Core Curriculum

BBC News reports that Wales’s schools are considering adding physical education to their core curriculum after experts recommended that it could help with tackling the obesity epidemic. According to the article, those in favor of elevating the importance of physical activity believe that adding it to the main school curriculum is the only way to ensure kids understand its importance. However, others feel that while exercise is important, adding too many priority subjects will dilute the attention to each subject. View the full article here.


5. Bike Sharing Programs Offer Health Benefits to Commuters

New York City’s recent implementation of bike sharing programs is helping commuters choose a healthier transportation method, this Reuters article suggests. “Riding a bike beats grabbing a cab or sitting your butt down in the subway," said Liz Neporent, author and fitness consultant, in the piece. Although many of the commuters are only going a couple of miles on their bikes, these few miles still offer many health benefits including increasing cardiovascular fitness and aiding weight loss. Bike sharing programs may not be optimal for all cities but they can make a difference in the ones that they can be incorporated into, the article concludes. View the full article here.


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