5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L. Cline on Feb 14, 2014

Week: 2/8/14 to 2/14/14

This week on IDEA FitFeed fitness professionals shared a multitude of informational health, fitness and nutrition articles from around the web. Top headlines ranged from 5 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Workout to Sitting, Standing or Walking: What’s the Best Way to Work? The top trending articles came from a variety of sources including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, BBC News, IDEA Fitness Journal, and many other leading news outlets. Catch up with the top five facts we learned from IDEA FitFeed this week.

1. Yoga Has Healing Powers

As yoga practice has gained popularity over the last few decades, research has found that it provides many health benefits for the mind and body. A recent study found that yoga practice can reduce inflammation, according to this article from National Geographic. This finding can benefit people who have chronic diseases or those recovering from cancer, since reducing inflammation helps reduce pain and fatigue. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Oblong Land Conservancy

2. Mediterranean Diet Lowers Cardiovascular-Related Death Risk

Following a whole diet approach—such as the Mediterranean Diet—lowers heart attack and cardiovascular-related death risks more than following a strictly low-fat diet, according to this article from Medical News Today. The article reviews a recent study which looked at the relationship between food and heart disease. The research found that while low-fat and low-cholesterol diets reduced cholesterol levels, they did not reduce the incidence of myocardial infractions or coronary heart disease deaths. "Nutritional interventions have proven that a 'whole diet' approach with equal attention to what is consumed as well as what is excluded is more effective in preventing cardiovascular disease than low-fat, low-cholesterol diets,” said James Dalen, MD, MPH, of the Weil Foundation and the University of Arizona College of Medicine, in the piece. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Spengler

3. How to Fix Common Training Plan Mistakes

Planning is an important and commonly overlooked part of training that can affect athletes’ success, according to this article from Active.com. This piece goes into detail on how to successfully build a training plan, including common mistakes to avoid. Choosing fewer competitive races, looking at the big picture and being ready to adjust your plan are just a few of the ways to increase your training success. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Robin McConnell

4. Healthy Vending Machines Are a Reality

Thanks to founder Luke Saunders, Chicago residents have another convenient, healthy lunch option. Saunders has created a vending machine that offers salads and snacks consisting mainly of organic, locally grown produce that are assembled fresh daily, according to this article from The Huffington Post. The first Farmer’s Fridge has been a huge success and Saunders hopes to open many more in the Chicago area. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lachlan Hardy

5. Has Extreme Fitness Gotten Out of Hand?

Extreme fitness programs—such as Tabata and HIIT—continuously push exercisers to their limits. Although this type of training can be effective, industry experts wonder if high-intensity exercise has gotten out of hand. This article from IDEA Fitness Journal asks experts to weigh in on whether this training style has gone past the point of being safe and effective. View the full article here.


You can find other recent health, fitness and nutrition news articles on IDEA FitFeed.



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