5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on FitFeed This Week

by Jessica L. Cline on Dec 03, 2013

Week: 12/28/13 to 1/3/14

Finding time to sift through the daily news to stay current on the latest health and fitness findings can be difficult. That is where IDEA FitFeed comes into play. This inclusive tool does the work for you. It pulls top headlines being shared around the Web by fitness professionals and then posts the reports in one convenient location. You will find news from leading sources, including Reuters, The New York Times, HealthDay, The Huffington Post, IDEA Fitness Journal and ScienceDaily, as well as from smaller publications and even some blogs. If you are just learning about FitFeed, you can catch up with this week’s top news stories here:

1. How to Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution related to health and fitness? This article from MindBodyGreen shares 11 ways you can keep your resolution and make it successful. The piece gives tips on everything from setting realistic goals to not being too hard on yourself when you slip up—and rewarding yourself when you reach milestones. View the full article here.


2. Yoga Is Beneficial for Men Too

Although yoga has many proven health benefits and is practiced by more than 20.4 million people worldwide, only 18% of yogis are men. In this article from Greatist, author and health-and-wellness expert Chris Freytag argues that more men should take up the practice. She writes that yoga not only lowers heart rate and blood pressure while improving overall strength and flexibility; it also relieves anxiety, depression and insomnia and is a great way to relieve mental and physical tension. View the full article here.


3. Exercising in Middle Age Protects Against Sarcopenia

In addition to maintaining and improving strength and physical performance, regular exercise during midlife helps protect against sarcopenia, or loss of muscle mass, according to this ScienceDaily article. The piece summarizes a study that looked at 1,000 Japanese men and women over the age of 65 to see if exercise reduced their muscle loss later in life. Researchers concluded that prevalence of sarcopenia was lower in adults who exercised during middle age. View the full article here.

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4. How to Make 2014 a Positive Year

Happiness is a choice, not something that is entirely determined by external circumstances, says this article from The Huffington Post. The report offers eight ways to start living a more positive life, including going outside more, playing with a child or a pet, meditating, and unplugging every once in a while. Start the New Year off right by setting positive intentions and planning time to fit in these positive habits. View the full article here.


5. Exercise: The Magic Pill

In this Slate article, author Jordan D. Metzl, MD, explains that physical activity is a free and safe way to treat and prevent disease. “Having investigated the correlation between disease and fitness, I now believe that we can save billions of health care dollars by incentivizing movement,” Metzl writes. “The drug called exercise can help prevent, alleviate, or treat almost every disease state.” He recommends methods to promote exercise, including providing incentives and monitoring activity the way we monitor heart rate and blood pressure. View the full article here.


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