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5 Easy Automated Text and Email Wins for You

Jul 19, 2019

MINDBODY emerged from a simple idea: small business owners deserve the time to do what they love. From its first iteration, MINDBODY software has turned that vision into the technology that links tens of thousands of health, wellness, and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.

Make these email and text campaigns part of your automated marketing arsenal.

Automated marketing should be the bedrock of your marketing strategy.

It’ll deliver a good, consistent message to new and current customers. That should help to retain and grow revenue.

A good automated email marketing platform should help you in a variety of ways. Mainly, it should let you schedule and send emails and text messages. That way you aren’t bogged down sending one-off messages every time you get a new customer or realize you haven’t seen someone in a while.

Here, we’ll walk you through five important messages to automate for customers:

1. Welcome Email

Set the tone for a long-term relationship with your new clients. This is your chance to make them feel welcomed in your fitness community.

You can also showcase your offerings and schedule and answer any questions they may have.

Remember, don’t give up your authentic voice just because you’re automating. Personalize your welcome email so new customers get to know your brand.

2. Intro Offer Email & Text

Nurture subscribers right away with a drip campaign. That’s an email automation sending a series of messages on a preset schedule.

Smart lists are created and updated with data from your fitness software. They can segment customers and automatically send them a series of automated text and email campaigns when you want.

To nurture intro offer customers, create a drip campaign targeting that specific service category. Through this email automation, provide valuable information and/or exclusive offers to turn customers from prospects into members.

3. Membership Upsell Email & Text

Looking to increase your gym or studio’s membership? Automated text and email campaigns make it easy: Create an upsell offer, target customers who aren’t members, and hit save. Voila! Your automated marketing provider will send upsell emails and text messages to your drop-in and package customers automatically, increasing memberships and recurring revenue.

4. Rescue Lost Customers Email

Just because you haven’t seen a customer in awhile doesn’t mean they won’t return—especially with the right email. This automated campaign automatically identifies subscribers who haven’t booked again. It then sends a highly targeted offer to get them back in your doors. You just have to provide the offer and welcome them back with open arms.

5. “Thank You” Text

This easy, automated “thank you” text, sent at the right time, can make all the difference and keep your business top-of-mind for subscribers.

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