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Your Ticket to “Make It Big and Make It Matter”

The brand new IDEA Success Academy, “Make It Big and Make It Matter,” features top industry entrepreneurs with insider tips on how to turn your love of fitness into the life of your dreams. Your ticket includes six sessions that focus on how to add additional streams of income and get paid more for your knowledge, experience and passion. You will learn how to replicate what the most successful leaders in the fitness, health and wellness arena have done to make it big as they reveal their secrets, valuable lessons learned and personal experiences. Your ticket gets you access to these amazing sessions:

BO EASON Image BO EASON Athlete, Speaker, Performer, Author back to top

Keynote Presentation: How Do You Prepare to Be Great?

Time: 8:00–8:50am Presenter: BO EASON

Back by popular demand, don’t miss the IDEA Success Academy keynote speaker Bo Eason. Former NFL All-Pro, renowned Broadway playwright and actor, Bo’s exhilarating keynote will teach you how to be the best at what you do and how to prepare to be great.

MIKE KOENIGS Image Mike Koenigs, Founder and CEO of Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser back to top

Get Noticed, Get Seen and Get Paid More for Your Know-How and Passion

Time: 8:50–9:50am Presenter: MIKE KOENIGS

How would you like to get paid 2x–3x or more for your knowledge, experience, genius and passion that’s already inside you? In this heartfelt, transformational presentation that’s filled will examples and demonstrations, you will learn: how to get more traffic, leads and customers; strategies that help you market and sell better online; how to get your foot in the door and connect with practically any VIP, CEO or celebrity; and how to identify and tap into your superpowers to overcome any fear you might have of technology, marketing or selling online. If you are looking for an easier way to share your message, products, services and know-how that will bring high paying, qualified clients to you without having to brag or sell, don’t miss this IDEA Success Academy Session!

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Insider Secrets to Building a Brand From the Ground Up


Did you ever wonder how the most successful leaders in the fitness, health and wellness arena made it big? In this exclusive session, the world’s leading experts will candidly reveal how they worked to build their brands from the ground up as they share their secrets, valuable lessons learned and personal experiences. Listen, learn and take the opportunity to ask your questions during this interactive session that is sure to help you break out of the trenches and exponentially build your brand and business.

Steven Griffith Image Steven Griffith, Creator of the High Performance Coaching Program, "It's Not Selling, It's Serving®" back to top

It’s Not Selling, It’s Serving® —The New Science of Enrolling Clients

Time: 2:15–3:15pm Presenters: STEVEN GRIFFITH

If you are struggling as a fitness and wellness professional to get more clients, or are doing well and want to take your business to the next level, learn Steven’s simple, step-by-step method that gets your clients saying “Yes!” to your services as a trainer, nutritionist, wellness coach, dietician and health professional during this IDEA Success Academy session. Without any selling! It’s time to change the game. It’s time to up-level your mindset, up-level your skill set, up-level your earning abilities, and up level your impact in the world!

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Take Your Message to the Masses—Tips From the Pros

Time: 3:15–4:15pm Presenters: MARK MACDONALD, ALEX OCHART AND GREG RAY

Are you tired of wasting time and energy figuring out how to get noticed and get your message heard? Time is your greatest commodity, so the question is how can you optimally leverage your time and expertise to reach the most people? Get the answers and top strategies from this elite industry panel that includes a top book agent, a noted speaker, and a talent agent and online marketing guru. Learn how to get published, build a devoted social media following, become a paid speaker or spokesperson and get your message heard by the masses.

BO EASON Image BO EASON Athlete, Speaker, Performer, Author back to top

Why Your Personal Story Is Your Most Valuable Asset—Create Your Story!

Time: 4:30-5:45pm Presenter: BO EASON

Come hear how you can capture your personal story, how to embody your story and how to create immediate intimacy and trust with your clients. Bo’s coaching will accelerate your success as you refine your personal story and learn why your ultimate position of power is your unique voice, your originality, your story.