About IDEA Success Academy

You have a message to share, but how do you get noticed, and turn your passion into healthy income? The brand new one-day special event taking place at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, the IDEA Success Academy, “Make It Big and Make It Matter,” features top industry entrepreneurs with insider tips on how to turn your love of fitness, wellness and health into the life of your dreams.

If you want to learn how you can double or triple your income, automate marketing, create new income streams, get published, build social media followings, become a paid speaker or spokesperson, and much much more then you need to REGISTER NOW for the IDEA SUCCESS ACADEMY!

Learn from the best of the best including athlete and author Bo Eason; best-selling authors J.J. Virgin, Mark Macdonald, Sue Hitzmann, and Sara Gottfried, MD; self-healing expert Dr. Fabrizio Mancini; Mike Koenigs, founder of the integrated lead capture and sales program, Instant Customer; and Stephen Griffith, creator of the High Performance Coaching program, “It’s Not Selling, It’s Serving®.”

Mark Macdonald

You’ll learn how to move beyond just selling your time to owning your time, so you can inspire not just hundreds but thousands or millions of people. “Imagine your potential if time wasn’t a factor,” says presenter Mark Macdonald. “I hear fitness pros say it takes too much time and money to create an online presence, write a book, do videos, be featured on local and national media or become a keynote speaker.”

There might have been some truth to that ten years ago, but not now, says Macdonald. “Today quality content is the king on all platforms, online, books, video, media and speaking. If you possess powerful content that people want and need, you’ll exponentially build your business and achieve all of your goals. Time and money are no longer the road blocks that derail you.”

Sue Hitzmann, MS

Presenter Sue Hitzmann will discuss myths about branding to clarify how the term differs from advertising or marketing. “There is a myth that you need a lot of money or an investor to build a brand. That isn’t necessarily the case. One thing I know about fitness pros is that they love to help people and they work hard, but they don’t always make the income they should. I’m going to share how I started as a group exercise instructor and built a multimillion dollar business, and how other fitness pros can, too.”

Sara Gottfried, MD

Presenter Sara Gottfried says she’ll teach fitness pros how to market with integrity, which has helped her get a #1 ranked podcast on iTunes, a #5 New York Times bestseller, and a seven-figure book advance. “It's all about the baby steps that add up to major transformation, and I'll share with you the top three baby steps that created the greatest return on investment.”

IDEA Success Academy IS for you if you want to:

  • Get paid 2x–3x or more for your knowledge, experience, genius and passion that’s already inside you
  • Automate your marketing, create products that sell like crazy, add an additional stream of income and make money with your ideas
  • Replicate what the most successful leaders in the fitness, health and wellness arena have done to make it big as they reveal their secrets, valuable lessons learned and personal experiences
  • Get your clients to say “Yes!” to your services without any selling
  • Get published, build a devoted social media following, become a paid speaker or spokesperson and get your message heard by the masses
  • Tap into your “superpowers” and overcome any fear you might have of technology, marketing or selling online
  • Prepare to be great