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Limited Number of Single Session Tickets Now Available!

If you can’t make it for the entire IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit, you now have the chance to come and take a single session for as low as $30! Choose from any class on the program and earn CECs/CPEUs. PLUS your class pass includes access to the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo Hall where you can explore over 600 booths and experience the newest equipment, products, technology, food and apparel brands. HURRY – there is very limited capacity available in each session so register today!

You can only select one session per time block.

Session Dates and Times:

Saturday, June 30th 1:40 - 3:00pm
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Translating Today's nutrition Science for Clients

Kamal Patel 1:40 - 3:00pm

CECs/CEUs: AASFP 0.00, ACE 0.10, ACSM 1.00, AFAA 1.00, AFPA 1.00, BCRPA 1.00, canfitpro 1.00, CDR 0.00, CHEK 1.00, CI 1.00, IFPA 1.00, ISSA 1.00, NAFC 0.10, NASM 0.10, NCCPT 0.10, NCEP 1.00, NCSF 1.00, NESTA 0.10, NETA 1.00, NFPT 0.25, NPI 1.00, NSCA 0.10, NSPA 1.00, PTAG 1.00

The dynamic nature of research dictates that it doesn't ever settle. It continues to layer, sometimes breaking down yesterday's "truths" in the process. There is no right or wrong study, but there are often misleading interpretations of research. From confusion over the hundreds of new studies on sugar and fat, to the promise of research on nutrition helping chronic pain and inflammation, to overhyped studies on superfoods,'s editor-in-chief brings us up to date with a clear look at today's nutrition literature. Bring your questions

Price: $45
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Saturday, June 30th 3:45 - 4:45pm
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Three Clients and 500 Pounds of Lessons: Dramatic Portraits of Sustainable Change (IDEA Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit)

Lecture Presented By: Lee Jordan & Catherine Wygal & Donald Wygal
3:45 - 4:45pm

CECs/CEUs: AASFP 0.00, ACE 0.20, ACSM 1.50, AFAA 1.00, AFPA 1.50, BCRPA 1.50, canfitpro 1.00, CDR 1.50, CHEK 1.50, CI 1.50, IFPA 1.50, ISSA 1.50, NAFC 0.15, NASM 0.10, NCCPT 0.15, NCEP 1.50, NCSF 0.75, NESTA 0.15, NETA 1.50, NFPT 0.25, NPI 1.50, NSCA 0.00, NSPA 1.50, PTAG 1.50

Three "everyday" people—who over a period of many years desperately tried every conceivable diet, training method, product and approach to weight loss—testify to what finally delivered their own sustainable life changes. Gain inspiration from Catherine and Donald Wygal, and Lee Jordan, who, combined, lost half a ton of weight and reclaimed their health after years of failures. Get an honest take from the client side on where and why the traditional fitness and diet models go wrong.

Price: $30
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