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IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit Attendees

  • 89% come to learn the latest trends & research in nutrition & behavior change.
  • 88% recommend nutrition & wellness products they experience at IDEA World to clients.
  • 84% research & demo nutrition products & services for future purchase.
  • 71% create & strengthen relationships with industry brands.

The IDEA® World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit is an elite gathering of registered dietitians, fitness, wellness and nutrition professionals, and health coaches seeking to learn the tools, techniques and application strategies they need to help clients create powerful and lasting change.

Make sure you’re part of their discussion about the future of nutrition and behavior change strategy by shining a spotlight on your brand during this impactful event with professionals who have the power to shape wellness plans for millions of clients worldwide.

Choose from unique sponsorship opportunities within the Summit and booth packages at the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo, including the Nutrition Pavilion, to feature your brand with influencers who can drive the results you are after.

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