Rise to the pinnacle of your profession, and guide your clients to long-term lifestyle changes.

The IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit is a unique event that perfectly pairs evidence-based nutrition and behavior change research to teach you how to put new tools, techniques and application strategies into practice to help clients transform their lives.

Held in conjunction with the IDEA World Convention, this exclusive continuing education opportunity features world-renowned nutrition researchers and behavior experts who will share meaningful case studies, practical how-tos, and best practices to give you the education and career-enhancing skills you need to improve your approach with clients and get past tough barriers and plateaus. Plus, learn some insider moves from a health-focused chef who will demonstrate how to get your eating plan organized and prepared before the week even starts.

Why You Need to Attend

If you want to grow professionally, break through plateaus with your clients, network with like-minded leaders and learn real-world solutions to help clients create powerful and lasting change, the IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit is THE event for 2019.

"I found it very helpful to learn some of the best-practice strategies being used by physicians and other experts in nutrition and behavioral science. Whether working as an RN, trainer, coach or nutritionist, this event will help you see how theoretical knowledge can be put into practice and applied." - Kelsey Graham, MEd, Past Attendee

JUNE 28–29, 2019
Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Convention Center

This is a must-attend event for anyone working to help others implement healthy nutrition and behavior change strategies for the long term.