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IDEA World Showcase Sessions

Electrifying Performances by the Biggest Names in Fitness

You’ll want to arrive early to make sure you’ve got a front-row spot for these pulse-pounding sessions featuring some of your favorite fitness presenters, including:

IDEA World MEGA Circuit

Thursday, 12:45-1:45pm, 2:30-3:30pm & 4:30-5:30pm

Put the newest, most innovative fitness equipment to the test during the IDEA World MEGA Circuit. Led by high-level coaches and educators, this one-of-a-kind event gives you the chance to experience first hand how these new tools would work in a circuit-style format. You’ll sweat and pick up fresh ideas for your clients and classes.

Journey Within an Inner® IDEA Experience

Thursday, 5-6pm

Performers: Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Stacey McCarthy, Sadie Nardini & Yuri Rockit

Explore your inner sanctuary as we Journey Within to reconnect to the Inner IDEA Conference and experience energy in various forms. Join the presenters as they create mindful movement experiences using special music celebrating yoga, Pilates, tai chi, mantras and mudras, and bringing beauty, peace and healing within and around you.

22 Minute Hard Corps™ Workout With Tony Horton on the USS Midway

Friday, 7:30-9:20am

Performers: Tony Horton

Join Tony Horton for this once-in-a-lifetime workout experience on the USS Midway. This workout is inspired by Tony’s visits to U.S. and joint military bases around the world. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a boot camp-style program made up of cardio, strength, core and functional exercises, with no equipment required. Experience real-life types of exercises that the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines use to train during a typical 8-week boot camp. Get ready to get down, get up and get some!

TD’s EPIC Workout Experience!

Friday, 9:50-11:40am

Performers: Todd Durkin, MA

Want to have one of the most EPIC workout experiences of your entire life? This is the session for you! Industry icon Todd Durkin will coach you through an unforgettable workout–vintage “TD style.” You’ll laugh, smile and sweat while digging deep into one of the most creative, innovative and inspirational atmospheres of all time. The music, programming, technology and Todd’s motivational words will ensure that you hit that extra rep, get your mind right and leave empowered, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Do not miss this session–it truly will be EPIC!

The ATHLETES in the ARENA™ with Alex Isaly and SGT KEN®: Fitness Feats for the Brave and Bold!

Friday, 11:50am-12:35pm

Performers: Alex Isaly and SGT KEN®

Join us for an exciting team-driven, five-event athletic challenge utilizing a series of intense and fun fitness drills that can be performed anywhere. Endure 60-second rounds at each station as a team and combine the total number of repetitions before moving to the next station. Some teams may discover that this is not only a test of physical strength and stamina, but of mental toughness and resilience!

POP Pilates® Party—LIVE With Cassey Ho

Friday, 1:40-3:30pm

Performers: Cassey Ho

Get ready to experience Pilates like you’ve never seen before. You’re invited to join YouTube fitness superstar Cassey Ho for a live POP Pilates Party that’ll leave you feeling graceful, invincible and, honestly, just really happy! The fusion of innovative Pilates-inspired movements choreographed to pop music is FUN–and that’s exactly the reason behind the viral growth of this format.

CORE DE FORCE™ by Beachbody® LIVE

Friday, 1:40-3:30pm

Performers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews

MMA-inspired workouts are everywhere, and CORE DE FORCE from Beachbody LIVE is the predesign format that makes it easy to lead the fight, one badass class at a time. In this workshop, you’ll learn the class teaching formula, as well as the authentic techniques behind the stances, punches and kicks. You’ll also get to experience a master class, so you can see how this noncontact, core-centric workout combines MMA combinations and high-intensity spikes that leave everyone feeling like a champion.

STRONG by Zumba® Challenge

Saturday, 2-3pm

Performers: Abraham Hernandez

STRONG by Zumba is a revolutionary high-intensity workout, led by music. Body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometrics are synced to original music designed to match each move. Think you have what it takes? Join the STRONG by Zumba Challenge in the IDEA Showcase Arena! Winners receive prizes! (Class participation required.)