Program Highlights


No other event houses more varied and comprehensive education than IDEA World. Whether you’re a newly certified personal trainer looking to build a solid client base, a gym manager interested in finding new ways to motivate staff, or a veteran group exercise instructor seeking fresh class ideas, this conference offers incomparable guidance for all fit pros at all career stages.

2019 programming highlights will be announced soon. The 2018 highlights were:

Powerful and Effective Personal Training Programs

Stand out from the crowd by offering smart and compelling programs that will earn you a full client roster.

  • The Mechanics of Lifting and Strength Training
  • High-Intensity Kettlebell Training
  • Functional Movement Systems: Key Progressions for Core Training
  • TRX® Advanced Programming
  • The Science and Art of Program Design

Understand the Science of Movement

Boost your knowledge of movement mechanics and provide perfectly tailored sessions and workouts for individuals with varied needs.

  • Soft-Tissue Hygiene for the Shoulder Complex
  • Fascial Line Mobility
  • Solving the Mobility/Stability/Strength Puzzle
  • Insights Into Lower-Back Pain and Functional Solutions
  • TriggerPoint™ Corrective Strategies for Hip Dysfunction

Capitalize on Small and Large Groups

Learn to offer high-level group training programs that give you the chance to help more people and make more money in less time.

  • Successful Boot Camps: Inside and Out, Any Season!
  • Small-Group Athletic Fusion
  • Short Circuit: The 30-Minute Small-Group Training Model
  • Group Training: Coach Your Community to Success
  • BOSU® Sport C.A.M.P.

Master Your Niche

Gain a better understanding of how to help individuals with specific wants and needs.

  • Powerful Aging: Stop Loading, Start Exploding
  • Training the Menopausal Client
  • Functional Assessments for Special Populations
  • Effective Exercise Programming for Cancer Patients and Survivors
  • Fun 5-Minute Coordination Circuits for Kids!

Become a Nutrition and Behavior Change Specialist

Enhance your nutrition and behavior change know-how with the latest research-based strategies and techniques.

  • Protein Obsessed: Sorting the Truth From the Hype
  • Is It Time to Eat Yet? Nobel Prize-Winning Body Clock Science Has the Answer
  • Translating Today’s Nutrition Science for Your Clients
  • It Takes Guts! Connecting Brain, Diet and Microbiome
  • From Health Care to Self-Care: New Science for Creating Sustainable Behavior Change

Boost Your Business Savvy

Get the inside scoop on what fitness business masters do to secure a long-term, successful career.

  • GROW Your Fitness Business With a Playbook of Systems
  • EARN More. Worry Less.
  • Marketing Never Stops: How to Be an Irresistible Brand
  • SELL More Vision and Be a Rainmaker in Your Business

Creative New Skills and Programs in the Mind-Body Arena

Experience the programs and formats that today’s yoga, Pilates and mind-body fusion leaders use to inspire every class, every time.

  • Yoga Shred: Blending Yoga + HIIT Training
  • The Magic Circle Creating Rotation and Flow
  • STOTT PILATES® Mini Foam Roller™ Flow
  • Athletes + Asanas

Upgrade Group Exercise Skills

Take advantage of increased interest in group exercise with the classes and skills that pack houses.

  • Crazy Core Combos
  • Gray Institute®: Therapeutic Approach to Group Exercise
  • Below the Belt—The Most Unique Glute and Leg Training on the Planet
  • HIIT Like a Girl!
  • Authenticity: Teach From the Heart

Expand Your Reach With Dance and Barre

Join the movements that are getting people moving with the most popular dance and barre offerings.

  • The Magic in Dance Fitness
  • BollyX®—The Bollywood Workout
  • Make Your Barre Classes a “HIIT”
  • Barre for Boomers
  • Let the Beat Drop!

Learn the Latest Trends in Indoor Cycling

Freshen up your indoor cycling sessions with tried-and-true ideas that keep participants coming back for more.

  • Keiser® Power: Geeks, Gears and Rears
  • Stages® Cycling: The POWER of Progression: 6 Weeks to Success
  • Schwinn® Cycling: Tour de Schwinn
  • RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Powerful and Pain-Free at Any Age!