Program Highlights


Nowhere else will you find such a varied bounty of educational opportunities than IDEA World. Whether you are a personal trainer who works with a wide variety of clients, a group instructor who teaches multiple formats, a mind-body teacher, or a behavior change coach helping people lose weight, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enhance your know-how and build a career that inspires.

Build Smart Programs That Work

Place yourself at the head of the pack with training programs that are backed by science and proven in the field.

  • Design Client Programs With Skill and Confidence
  • Coaching Versus Training–How to Design and Coach Athletic-Based Circuits for All Clients
  • Complete Strength Development
  • Cutting-Edge Training Methodology for Achieving Optimal Body Composition

Enhance Movement Master

Upgrade your knowledge on how to reduce dysfunction and help people move more freely.

  • Optimize Function and Mobility With Strong and Stable Shoulders and Glutes
  • Move Better! Play Better! Strategies to Restore Function
  • Training in the Transverse Plane
  • Restorative Poses for Recovery
  • Run, Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces

Navigate Your Nice

Choose from a menu of sessions to gain the specific knowledge required to better serve your niche clientele.

  • Complete Program Design for the Obese/Overweight Client
  • Functional Balance for the Active Aging Adult
  • Challenges and Training Solutions for Gen-X Clients
  • Smarter Exercise for Smarter, Fitter Kids!
  • Fat-Loss Programming for Your Female Clients

Enhance Small- and Large-Group Training Success

Learn what it takes to effectively steer these popular and highly specialized training options.

  • A New Spin on Small-Group Training
  • Boot Camps and Group Training–How to Organize the Madness
  • Create Success for Every Client in Your Small-Group Sessions
  • Boutique Boot Camps–Deliver the Ultimate Experience
  • Small-Group Training–Up the Fun Factor!

Maximize Behavior Change

Hear from behavior change experts as they cut through the guesswork of how to help clients improve their health and fitness for the longer term.

  • Promote Behavior Change with Better Coaching
  • Can Technology Be Harnessed To Inspire Lasting Behavior Change?
  • Winning True Health Through Lifestyle and Behavior Change
  • Guiding Others to Create Their Healthiest, Most Delicious Life

Fuel Greater Health with Food

Get up-to-speed on the latest nutrition science and the practices that can maximize client results.

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching Revealed
  • Get Answer to Clients’ Top-5 Nutrition Questions
  • Better Nutrition Simplified 4 Better Results
  • Keeping It Real: Snorts Nutrition in Action
  • Training and Nutrition for Diabetic Clients

Pump-Up Group Exercise Programs

Learn about the hottest new programs and how to give the ones you currently offer a refreshing upgrade.

  • Calling All Rock Stars! Sharpen Your Skills for GX Success!
  • HIGH Fitness: Choreographed Interval Training
  • Center Floor–A Barre Fusion Workshop
  • Shockwave: Ultimate Inferno
  • LaBlast®–Fitness Powered by Dance

Find Your Way to Financial Freedom

Gain insider insight from leading entrepreneurs about everything they’ve done to build remarkable, rewarding businesses.

  • Corporate Wellness Seize the Opportunity
  • Building Your Dream Facility
  • How to Attract Leads and Dominate Sales
  • Five Minutes to IGNITE a Better Business
  • Lead Generation Made Easy: Get Clients in the Door
  • Dominating Sales: A Proven Method to Close More Business

Grow Your Yoga, Pilates and Mind-Body Programs

Give clients and members an opportunity to become more centered and rejuvenated with the most in-demand mind-body offerings.

  • Yoga Progressions and Regressions
  • Total Massage, Relaxation and Beyond
  • Strength and Symmetry–Pilates Movement on the Foam Roller
  • Yoga Morning: Ashtanga Rise and Shine
  • Meditations Mantras and Movement

Club Spotlight

Be the first to find out what’s trending in top fitness clubs around the world. Featured this year:

The Ultimate Sampler Challenge, by Life Time Fitness

Rob Glick and Kimberly Spreen-Glick

Fire Up and Chill Out, by Equinox®

Amy Dixon, Buddy Macuha, Rachel Vaziralli and Team Equinox

The Game–A 24 Hour Fitness® Signature GX24 Experience

Team 24


July 20 from 7:00-7:45am
With Presenters Shannon Fable and Brett Klika

If this is your first tiem at an IDEA event, join us at this session for a special IDEA welcome. Connect with other fitness professionals through interactive games, drills and exercises.