Exhibitor Forms

Exhibitor Forms for Food & Beverage Booths

Certain health requirements must be met in order for you to sample food or beverage products at the IDEA World Convention. A health permit is required for food booth vendors (i.e. temporary food facilities) operating at public events. Food booth permit applications are being received by IDEA up until Tuesday, June 11th. After that date, exhibitors are required to bring their permit paperwork + checks onsite to the event. Onsite, the fees will be 3x more per applicable fee.

Food booth vendors that are found operating without the required health permit may be subject to closure of their food booth and subject to a penalty fee at three times the cost of the health permit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Orange County Health Department Special Events Program at (714) 433- 6080 or e-mail them at ehSpecialEvents@ochca.com

  • There are three types of health department forms. Only fill the one out that applies to how you will be running your food booth onsite:
  • Category IA - Exhibitors will be selling or giving away ONLY prepackaged products and samples (the customer opens the prepackaged food or beverage samples/product).
  • Category IB - Exhibitors will have pre-packaged products and will be giving away unpackaged food samples or they are sampling a beverage from a can or bottle, or dispensing a beverage from or closed dispensing system (i.e. a keg or soda dispenser). No refilling of food containers, no cutting and no portioning is permitted in a Cat IB booth. Refer to sampling guidelines for details of approved food sampling methods.
  • Category II (Open Food) - Exhibitors will be preparing, mixing, refilling containers, cutting foods, portioning, or cooking foods to sample/sell on-site during the event.
    Examples of Category II Sampling:
    - Opening a granola/protein type bar and cutting or portioning it in the booth then giving out the samples.
    - Mixing a powder like substance with a liquid then sampling the mixture.
    - Category IB and Category II vendors will need a handwash kit in their booth.
    - If any food or beverage has CBD as an ingredient, it cannot be sold or given away at this event.
    - Exhibitors with supplements, herbal or CBD products do not need a health permit if they are providing the sample in its original state, i.e. capsule, liquid, paste, etc. and it is not mixed with any foods or liquids/beverages.
    - THC products are not permitted at this event and must only be sold from an approved dispensary.
    - Since our event is indoors, you do not need to cover your booth with a canopy. If you have a "Category II" or a "Category 1B" booth, you can not have carpet in your booth OR, if you do, you must have a cleanable floor liner over it.
    - Category IB and Category II booths will need the appropriate sneezeguard protection/food covers to protect the foods from contamination.
  • Send all forms and checks for payment to:
    Taryn Crowder
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association
    10190 Telesis Court,
    San Diego CA 92121
    Your check should be made out to: Orange County Health Care Agency
  • The current fees are as follows:
    - Category IA & IB is $66.00 per booth
    - Category II is $127.00 per booth
  • For further clarification, please refer to the health department website, www.ocfoodinfo.com/tff. If you have any questions, please call the Special Event team at (714) 433-6080. If you have a unique situation, and were given direction from someone at their office, please be sure that the you obtain the name of that individual.