Meet the Presenters

IDEA offers an unrivaled opportunity to learn best practices—straight from stellar faculty members who run top-producing clubs and studios all over the world. Each speaker has been hand selected and will be prepared to give you clear content, take-home-ready practical tools and direct guidance on implementation. 2019 presenters will be announced in December. The 2018 presenters were:

Travis Barnes,
Owner of Journey Fitness, Elmira, NY

Travis Barnes

Travis Barnes is a certified personal trainer who grew his multimillion dollar fitness company, Journey Fitness, to five locations in less than 4 years. He started at less than zero, building his future with an unemployment check while living in a FEMA trailer. Travis is the coauthor of the best-selling book, 52 Amazing Journeys and author of Journey Fitness, with a forward written by Todd Durkin. His company is known for exemplary customer service and business systems. It is his vision to franchise Journey Fitness and make the world a happier place through life-transforming coaching.

Chantal Brodrick,
Host of The Fitness Business Podcast, Sydney, Australia

Chantal Brodrick

Chantal worked for 15 years in senior sales and marketing roles in the media industry before transitioning careers and becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. In 2015, she became the host of the The Fitness Business Podcast. Now, with more than 160 shows and 200,000 downloads, it is the world's top podcast for fitness business owners, managers and fitpreneurs. Chantal has spent more than 2,500 hours interviewing business leaders, industry experts and authors and has ringside seats for the journey of business development. She’ll share insights into successes and challenges and offer advice on how to lead an exceptional fitness business.

Rachel Cosgrove,
Co-owner of Results Fitness, Santa Clarita, CA

Rachel Cosgrove

Rachel Cosgrove, 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, co-owns and operates Results Fitness in Southern California. Opened in 2000, Results Fitness was voted one of the top 10 gyms in the USA by Men's Health Magazine and one of the Best Gyms in the US by Women's Health Magazine and was featured on BBC World for its scientific programming. Rachel has authored two best-selling books:—The Female Body Breakthrough and Drop Two Sizes—and created the Drop Two Sizes DVD set. A consultant for Nike, she is also on the advisory board and is a columnist for Women's Health Magazine. An athlete herself—she is an Ironman triathlete—Rachel has completed half-marathons, powerlifting competitions and fitness events. She and her team at Results Fitness strive to become the best part of their members’ day, achieving results and changing lives while having fun doing it!

Todd Durkin, MA,
Owner of Fitness Quest 10, San Diego, CA

Todd Durkin, MA

Todd Durkin is an internationally recognized fitness trainer, coach, author and speaker who works with some of the highest-level athletes in the NFL, MLB, MMA and Olympics. Todd was a featured trainer on NBC STRONG last year (produced by Sylvester Stallone) and owns Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, an award-winning gym that has been named a Top 10 Gym in the US 5 years in a row by Men’s Health Magazine. He leads a team of 38 employees and runs a Mastermind Group for hundreds of fitness professionals.

Mark Fisher,
Co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness, New York, NY

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is an in-demand international speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of Men's Health Magazine’s Top 20 Gyms in America. MFF has two locations in Manhattan and was ranked #312 on the 2015 Inc. 500. In addition to MFF, Mark co-founded Business for Unicorns in 2016. BFU has worked with clients like Sony Music, Sylvan Learning and the ACLU, as well as many of the leading fitness studios across the U.S. and UK.

Trina Gray,
Owner of Bay Athletic Club, Alpena, MI

Trina Gray

Trina Gray is recognized worldwide as a passionate leader in fitness. She is a successful health club owner, business mentor and IDEA presenter. Trina has owned a medically based health club and a large group training studio for more than a decade. She founded Team Rockstar Fit, an online coaching team of thousands of fitness professionals who partner with Beachbody. She won the Top 10 Small Business of the Year Award in Michigan, the CEO Award from Beachbody and the Community Service Award from IHRSA. 

Cher Harris,
General Manager of The Houstonian Club, Houston, TX

Cher Harris

Cher Harris serves as the general manager of The Houstonian Club, a 175,000-square-foot private health club featuring state-of-the-art facilities and exercise equipment. This private facility with elite membership levels has been recognized as a top hotel health club and one of the nation’s Top 100 Clubs by many national publications and media outlets. Cher joined the Club as fitness director in 2007 and has served as assistant general manager since 2008. She has more than 22 years of club management experience, providing direction for trainers, instructors, pros, dieticians and other wellness professionals in large fitness facilities around the country. She has a master’s degree in kinesiology from Indiana University and is an American College of Sports Medicine certified exercise physiologist.

Greg Justice, MA,
Owner of AYC Health & Fitness, Prairie Village, KS

Greg Justice, MA

Greg Justice, MA, is a best-selling author, speaker and fitness entrepreneur and was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2017. He opened AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center in May 1986. Greg is the co-founder and CEO of the National Corporate Fitness Institute (NCFI), a certifying body for fitness professionals, and Scriptor Publishing Group. Greg holds a master’s degree in HPER (exercise science) and a bachelor’s degree in health & physical education from Morehead State University in Morehead, KY.

Michael Piercy, MS, CSCS,
Owner of The LAB, Fairfield, NJ

Michael Piercy, MS, CSCS

Michael Piercy, MS, CSCS, is the owner of The LAB in Fairfield, New Jersey. He is the recipient of the 2017 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year award and the 2013 TRX FACEUP award for Overall Instructor of the Year. A former professional baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets and Montreal Expos, he brings his unique perspective to his work with athletes and active adults. He holds a master’s degree in exercise science with a concentration in performance enhancement and multiple advanced level certifications from organizations such as ACE, ACSM, NASM and NSCA.

Ashley Selman, MA, CSCS
Owner of Evolution Trainers, Mountain View, CA

Ashley Selman, MA, CSCS

Ashley Selman, MA, CSCS, is the founder of Evolution Trainers, a seven-figure personal training and wellness studio that operates seamlessly with a world-class team of more than 40 leading health and fitness professionals. Ashley is known for her commitment to living a "balanced" entrepreneurial life and coaches others to achieve this through leveraging their strengths, mastering their schedules and building strong teams. Ashley’s passion is to help studio owners around the country build successful and thriving businesses through her Studio Owner Mastermind group and her coaching programs. She is an educational consultant for IDEA, is on the IDEA Club and Studio advisory committee, and speaks around the country at many of the industry's leading events.

Chris Stevenson, CSCS
Owner of Stevenson Fitness, Oak Park, CA

Chris Stevenson, CSCS

Chris Stevenson is the owner of Stevenson Fitness, a full-service health club in Oak Park, CA. The club’s success is based on providing an unparalleled member experience, which centers on proper staffing, systematic operations and world-class leadership. This success is reflected in the club’s NPS, which is consistently in the high 80s (industry average is in the 40s). Chris is a nationally recognized speaker at many of the industry’s key events. From health and wellness to business strategies, Chris presents viable, applicable lectures that resonate with every audience.

Jack Wheeler
Owner of 360 Fitness, Alberta, Canada

Jack Wheeler

Jack Wheeler has been in the personal training industry for over a decade and is the Founder and Owner of 360 Fitness. With three locations in Alberta, Canada, Jack and his team have been striving to raise the bar—not only for clients and customers but for personal trainers and staff alike. With an integrated approach to nutrition, fitness and coaching, 360 Fitness has achieved amazing results for its clients and has created repeatable, simple and powerful business systems that continue to change lives daily.

What is the event registration cancellation policy?
If we receive your cancellation notice 30 days prior to any vent, the administrative processing fee is $100. There will be no refunds allowed after that date or for no-shows. You can cancel anytime prior to the event and a credit will be issued that can be used toward a future IDEA event. Credits issued will expire on December 31 of the following calendar year. We've made it easier to switch names on registrations at no charge. If you can't make it, you may send a colleague in your place by contacting Inspired Service at least 7 days prior to the event (switches are subject to a fee increase based on membership status). Contact Inspired Service for further assistance at (800) 999-4332, x7, or email at

How do I register?
Online: Visit this link to sign up today! By Phone: 800-999-4332, ext. 7; Outside the U.S. and Canada: 858-535-8979, ext. 7. Please have your credit card number and expiration date ready.

How do I get my registration for free through the Refer-a-Friend Program?
After you purchase your registration online, another window will open providing you with a personalized link, which you may choose to share with your friends. If at least five of your friends buy an IDEA registration to the same event as you purchased using your personalized link, you will receive a refund of the registration fees you paid, to the credit card you used to purchase your registration, within 90 days after the event.

How do I get a group discount on event registrations?
For a discount on group registrations please contact IDEA Inspired Service at (800) 999-4332 ext. 7 for assistance.

Do IDEA Business Members have an event discount?
IDEA Business Members receive the discounted member price on unlimited registrations for conference and preconference sessions. Please contact IDEA Inspired Service at (800) 999-4332 ext. 7 for assistance.

What are the Attendee Registration hours for questions/assistance?
Wednesday, June 26: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday, June 27: 6:00am – 6:00pm
Friday, June 28: 6:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday, June 29: 6:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday, June 30: 7:00am – 11:30am

Can people bring in their own equipment to use/demonstrate in sessions when working out?
No, because of safety concerns we cannot allow any other type of equipment (wearable, portable) other than the equipment that IDEA has provided in the conference session(s).

How do I become a volunteer for the event?
When you apply to be a part of our Assistant Work-Study (Volunteer) Program, you will be given a complimentary registration to the event in exchange for 12-16 hours of service during the event. Volunteers could be asked to do a number of different tasks while on shift, which will be half of each event day. During the rest of the day, volunteers are free to attend educational sessions on a stand-by basis, meaning that paid attendees will enter first, and volunteers will enter second. Volunteers receive CECs and anything else paid attendees receive. Additional information and the Assistant Work-Study (Volunteer) application can be found at

What should I bring?
Once on-site, you will want to make sure you have your registration confirmation, picture ID, a printed copy of sessions, water (bring a bottle and refill it at the water stations), snacks, a sweatshirt (sometimes the rooms get a little cool, especially after some exercise), a yoga mat (for mind/body sessions), a notepad and a pen or pencil, business cards for networking, the conference brochure (if you want to change a session) and session handouts.

Are there places to change and/or shower between classes?
Unfortunately, other than your hotel room, there are no shower facilities available to attendees in the hotel. Restroom facilities throughout the venue can be used for changing clothes, if needed.

Will handouts be available for event sessions?
Session handouts will not be available at the event. Attendees should print the handouts they need. Session handouts will be available to print at least 2 weeks prior to the event. To print handouts, click on Session Handouts. If you decide to change classes on-site, we will have Session Handout Printing Stations available throughout the conference venue.

How do I get CECs for the sessions I attend?
Your proof of attendance and CEC credits are on your CEC certificate, which you can access anytime after the conference at Workouts do not qualify for CECs. They are designed to be just that, a workout. No CEC-able education is associated with them.

Which certification agencies offer CECs for this event?
The credits you can earn at this event are recognized by the following agencies: ACE, ACSM, AFAA, BOC, NASM, NFPT, NSCA, W.I.T.S., Cooper Institute, NETA, NESTA, and NFPT. If your certification agency is not listed, simply check with the agency to see what credits it allows.

How many CECs can I earn at the event?
You can earn up to 21 CEC hours by attending the full event and even more if you attend the preconference sessions. That’s enough credits for your certification renewal! (Please check with your specific certification agency for their renewal criteria).

What do I do if zero credits are assigned to my scheduled session?
CECs are assigned by the certification agency, not IDEA. Certification agencies base credits on the education provided and presenter qualifications. If you would like to attend a different session that is offering CEC credit, simply make the change online to your schedule prior to attending the event, or to make changes to your schedule on-site, visit Attendee Registration.

How many CECs are offered for each session?
Generally, you’ll receive one CEC per contact hour for workshops and lectures. If you attend a 2-hour workshop, you’ll receive up to 2 credit hours. We are in the process of getting approvals from each of the agencies above and will post the credits in session selection as soon as they are available. That way you’ll know exactly how many credits the session you are interested in attending is approved for by your certification agency. Check out how many CECs were offered at last year’s event here

Do I get CECs for completing the preconference sessions?
Yes, at the end of the preconference session you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion that will include the number of CECs for attending. Make a copy for your records and send a copy to your certification agency.

What is the age you need to be in order to attend/register for the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit?
You need to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit. In response to attendee requests and to preserve the educational atmosphere of the convention, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in sessions, even to observe.

What is your policy on service animals?
If you require an Emotion Support Animal (ESA) please contact IDEA prior to arriving to the event. IDEA will require current documentation (not more than one year old) on letterhead from a licensed mental health professional stating (1) the attendee has a mental health-related disability listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV); (2) having the animal accompany the attendee is necessary to the attendee’s mental health or treatment; (3) the individual providing the assessment of the attendee is a licensed mental health professional and the attendee is under his/her professional care; and (4) the date and type of the mental health professional’s license and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued. This documentation may be required as a condition of permitting ESA’s to accompany attendees. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, ESA’s are not given the same rights and exemptions as Service Animals and approval of ESA’s in public areas and businesses are at the discretion of those entities. If prior approval is not given by IDEA, attendees will be asked to remove the ESA from the event.