The Education You Need to Create the Business You Deserve

There’s a reason the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit sells out year after year. No other industry event provides the high-level education and proven strategies delivered by the industry’s best that have helped countless entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses.


LOVE WORK: Inspire a High-Performing Work Culture at the Center of People, Purpose, Profits and Play


Chuck Runyon

Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen are successful entrepreneurs who could have cashed out after the early success of Anytime Fitness. But, instead, they decided to roll the dice, roll up their sleeves and reinvent the culture of work. It was a bold move and a substantial financial risk that paid off in multiple ways, not only for them but also for their employees, franchisees and members. Chuck will share secrets from the front lines of Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest co-ed fitness club franchise and the first to operate on all seven continents, as well as provide a roadmap to create more purposeful, profitable and playful work environments.

ATTRACT a Steady Flow of New Clients


Travis Barnes and Billy Polson

Running a financially fit business requires a steady flow of new clients in your door. Learn to better define and attract your ideal client. Dive into your messaging on social media, websites and digital campaigns. Once you have them in the door, improve your club tours and conversations to close more clients. You want to impress your prospects so they, too, become raving fans for life.


RECRUIT World-Class Employees


Ashley Selman, MA, and Andrew Simpson

You have heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It all starts with attracting and hiring the right people. People who believe in your vision, are passionate about fitness, want to help others and become an integral part of a thriving team. This session will cover tips on recruitment, how to conduct better interviews, and creative ways to evaluate prospective employees and hire the best fit.

RETAIN New Clients Forever


Billy Polson and Mark Fisher

Do you wish your new members would fall in love with your brand and stay forever? Learn to be strategic about every step of a new client’s journey, from their orientation to goal setting, to integrating them into the culture of your facility. Don’t leave their success to chance. Implement a new-client system that leads to better results, and improve your communication with them inside and outside of the club. Successful new clients bring more people with them and become raving fans.

LUNCH SEMINAR Structuring Your Online Club Personal Training Business

11:45am – 1:00pm

Lewis Agnew and Phil Carr

Managing personal trainers across multiple locations can be challenging, especially if those trainers are split between employed and self-employed models. The aim of this lunchtime seminar is to help break down the key components needed to structure and scale your commercial personal training business.

BUILD a Rockstar Team From Day One

2:30 – 3:45pm

Chris Stevenson and Matt Wright, MS

You hired a new trainer, instructor or front desk employee. Now what? You have to invest in them as a person and as a teammate. They need structure, guidance and expectations delivered in a way that reduces overwhelm and increases satisfaction. Employee turnover causes headaches, costs money and can be draining. Tighten up your orientation and training system to create a rock star team for years to come.



Choose the breakout option that your business needs the most.

Get Social Savvy in 75 minutes

Nickie Carrigan and Sarah Morrison

Social media can be a great way to meet new clients, grow your brand, increase your business and help more people. Or social media can be a drain on your time. Learn to get savvy on Instagram, Instagram Stories and Facebook from two leading fitness professionals and club leaders. Gather tips and examples for your own personal brand and for your club or studio, and learn how to showcase your clients’ success to drive business and dollars.

Club & Studio Faculty Q&A, Sponsored by Scriptor Publishing Group

Travis Barnes and Matt Wright, MS; Moderated by Mark Fisher

Get your most pressing questions answered by our Club & Studio faculty. Hear business tips, strategies and advice from the best in the industry. Bring your questions to the session. The faculty panel is always a favorite of attendees. You’ll enjoy fast-paced, interactive and no-nonsense business coaching.


CREATE More Revenue With Raving Fans and Lifelong Clients


Trina Gray and Brian Nunez

Think of your favorite clients. Then imagine having dozens more just like them. Satisfied clients can become loud and proud fans when you continue to deliver results, provide stellar recognition, and offer unique extras such as nutrition help, online support, fitness buddies, reward systems and more. The workout alone is not enough, you must go the extra degree to know them, care for them and listen to their needs.



Choose the breakout option that your business needs the most.

Club & Studio Faculty Q&A, Sponsored by MINDBODY®

Ashley Selman, MA, and Andrew Simpson; Moderated by Todd Durkin, MA

Get your most pressing questions answered by our Club & Studio faculty. Hear business tips, strategies and advice from the best in the industry. Bring your questions to the session. The faculty panel is always a favorite of attendees. You’ll enjoy fast-paced, interactive and no-nonsense business coaching.

Leading Through Adversity and Dealing With Conflict

Erin Kelly and Chris Stevenson

Grow your business income and time freedom with a simple visual grid. Learn to identify exactly what holds you back the most, whether it’s scarcity of time or money or direction. See where you are stuck, stalled or spinning your wheels, and learn how to break through your business and personal plateaus.



Staci Alden, Ashley Selman, MA, and Andrew Simpson

The best leaders in the industry solve problems, grow revenues, mentor other leaders and create a winning culture. This session will give you the straight talk on how to become a servant leader, and show empathy and heart while being decisive. Learn how to make a simple plan for retaining a great team. Get tips on pay structure, bonus systems, continuing education opportunities, team-building activities, performance reviews, goal setting and more.

LUNCH SEMINAR: Is Your Client Lying to You? Genetics-Based Program Design in Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

11:45am – 1:00pm

Erin A. Mahoney, MA

Humans only differ by 0.5% of their genes. But that difference decides whether you’re 6’6’’ or 5’6” or if you’ll be a sprinter or a marathoner. With this physical precursor, clients often blame genetics for their lack of progress. This unknown makes it difficult for trainers or nutritionists to know if it’s compliance or something deeper. Genetics testing in the fitness profession is the final piece of information needed to deliver programs so precise that failure isn’t an option.

TOP TRENDS in Fitness From the Experts (Panel)

2:30 – 3:30pm

Hosted by Trina Gray

Hear from leading experts in the industry about the tools and trends that are elevating fitness businesses worldwide. Discover the stories behind our top sponsors. Learn why they created their solutions and how they can improve your business and bottom line.


3:45 – 4:45pm

Travis Barnes and Nickie Carrigan

Strong businesses have strong partnerships in the community. You do not have to be everywhere in town, but you must be impactful in a few key places to have a steady stream of referrals, build a solid reputation and be known as a business that gives back. Learn to connect with connectors and strengthen your brand by getting out of your club and into the community.

EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP: From the Garage to the World Stage

5:00 – 6:00pm

Rick Stollmeyer

Rick Stollmeyer co-founded MINDBODY® in his garage in 2001, and today serves as the company’s CEO and chief visionary. Hear the ups and downs, stumbles and wins along the way. In this keynote address, Rick will share the strategies he’s learned to become an effective leader, including knowing yourself, getting out of your own way, and practicing the 5Cs: competence, character, compassion, being a catalyst and acting with courage.