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Bring your specific issues and questions, as ALL sessions are actionable and interactive. From business coaching sessions with top club leaders and small group breakouts, to “hot seat” problem-solving and moderated Q&A forums, every speaker will provide both content and hands-on interaction to help you break past plateaus and barriers in your business. Plus enhance your schedule with three opportunities to take advantage of “FREE CHOICE” sessions from the IDEA World Convention – all included with your IDEA World Club & Studio Summit full registration.

Check out the incredible lineup for this one-of-a-kind learning experience:

Keynote Presentation by

SHIFT HAPPENS! Saying YES to the Next Step.

Thursday 10:30am–noon

Robert Holden, PhD

Some people GO through life; and others GROW through life! Join Dr Robert Holden for an inspiring keynote on personal growth and business success. In his talk, he’ll share key principles and practices to help you live your purpose, follow your joy, grow your business, and light up the world! Robert’s pioneering work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and a PBS special Shift Happens! He coaches entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide and his clients include Dove & The Real Beauty Campaign, The Body Shop, Google and Virgin.

Trina Gray

CONNECT Welcome Networking Coffee

Thursday 9:00–10:00am

Trina Gray

Start your event experience by interacting with fellow attendees in this ice-breaker preparatory session, moderated by Trina Gray, a club owner, presenter and the Club & Studio Summit emcee. You will share your goals for the weekend while enjoying a light breakfast. Get your mind ready to learn and grow.

GROW Your Fitness Business With a Playbook of Systems

Thursday 2:00–3:00pm

Travis Barnes

Operate your business like a franchise to grow smarter and not harder while you learn to remove guesswork and improve results. Travis owns and operates five profitable clubs and has tremendous experience creating systems that improve both client and trainer retention. Learn simple tips to create a playbook of systems that offer a consistent client experience, and save time and money. Growth is a mindset and a business practice. You’ll learn both in this session.

Greg Justice, MA

OWN Your Market: Build a Legacy Business

Thursday 3:00–4:00pm

Greg Justice, MA

How do you own and operate a fitness business successfully for decades? Learn how to establish your business as a sought-after professional service in your area, on par with other health and medical providers. Greg will share 30 years of wisdom on how he built a world-class facility with great depth of offerings from personal training, sports conditioning and Pilates to nutrition coaching and corporate wellness programs. Take home ready-to-implement ideas on how to own your market by serving your community's needs.

WIN With the Habits of Ultra-High Performers

Thursday 5:00–6:00pm

Chantal Brodrick

Set up your life and business for a win this year with this insider’s look at the habits of ultra-high performers. Chantal, host of The Fitness Business Podcast, will draw from more than 2,500 hours of interviews with fitness industry leaders to share with you the top insights about personal development rituals, developing winning cultures, using productivity tools, tips for avoiding overwhelm, and the role of positive psychology in your personal and professional life. This session will be full of entertaining ideas and business gems.

Powered by Polar® 

GROW The Technology-Driven Workout That Will Change Your Business

Friday 7:30–8:15am

Leanne Pedante

With the proliferation of countless formats and programs, differentiating group training has never been more important. Integrating fitness technology into your club or business can be a game changer. Come see how it is done and join us for a total-body workout featuring Polar Club, a heart rate-based solution that is sure to energize your members and clients in a new way. Participants will employ a variety of cardiovascular and strength exercises at differing intensities, all while viewing their heart rates on the big screen. See firsthand how you can utilize this technology in your business.  Say “hello” to the benefits of heart rate training and watch your membership and clients grow. 

BUILD Your Team From the Ground Up

Friday 9:50–10:50am

Chris Stevenson

Strengthen your business by building a tight-knit team from the ground up with better hiring and smarter on-boarding. Happy teams build thriving businesses. Enjoy an energizing presentation from former Power Ranger and world-class club owner Chris Stevenson. Learn five key ways to turn a new hire into an all-star team member.  This is a must-attend session for all leaders.

Rachel Cosgrove

EARN More. Worry Less.

Friday 10:50–11:50am

Rachel Cosgrove

Increase revenue for your fitness business by honing your sales process and learning three ways to improve profits. Rachel will share the sales process that is the backbone of her highly profitable clubs. Learn to sell to different client personality types based on facts and relationship building. You’ll leave with the tools you need to beef up your profit centers by identifying ways to bring in new members, sell more to existing members and raise prices without fear.  Earning money in fitness does not need to be hard.

GENERATE Buzz With Simple Marketing

Friday 1:40–2:40pm

Jack Wheeler

This how-to workshop will help you generate buzz in your facility by having a simple, clear message that is targeted to your ideal client.  That message is reflected in your offerings, your marketing and your social media. Learn to create and deliver on your promises and take home new fun ideas to celebrate client successes. Jack will share how he created a unique studio that promises body transformation, offers guaranteed results and is the talk of the town.

REACH More Clients: Be Loud and Proud

Friday 2:40–3:40pm

Michael Piercy, MS

Reach more of the right clients. It starts by knowing your brand, digging into your community and rolling up your sleeves to create momentum. As a thriving new studio owner, Michael will share how to develop relationships with local government and community organizations that lead to referrals. He’ll teach how to carve a niche in your neighborhood for programs like 30-minute HIIT workouts, athletic conditioning and workplace wellness. Be loud and proud of what you offer. Reach more clients by implementing these tips from the trenches.

ASK Your Turn! Q&A With Club & Studio Experts (panel)

Friday 4:00–5:00pm

Trina Gray, Michael Piercy, Jack Wheeler, Rachel Cosgrove, Chris Stevenson

Get your questions ready for the expert faculty of the Club & Studio Summit. Drill deeper with the presenters on leadership, marketing, systems, business planning, employee management, sales and client retention in this fast-paced, interactive Q&A session. Get clarity on your most pressing questions and go home with new ideas, answers and confidence to implement changes in your business.

Matthew Wright

TRAIN Unpredictably | How to Create Fun and Progression through Unstable Load

Saturday 7:30-8:15AM

Matthew Wright

The evolution continues for smart training tools designed to engage participants and drive meaningful results. Aktiv Solutions is proud to feature the CorMax™|Train Unpredictably system. Challenge stabilization during movement. Reactionary forces improve power and strength and mimic sports specific occurrence. Create unlimited levels of beginner to advanced instability training with each soft-surface variation. Participants will learn how to implement this entirely new dimension in personal and group training,including a program delivery that will keep all workouts fun, energizing and socialized.

Cher Harris, MS

LEAD Be the Leader Your Business Deserves

Saturday 9:50–10:50am

Cher Harris, MS

The best businesses are led by people who care, who decide, who deliver and who follow through. Take notes from Cher Harris, the general manager of one of the largest clubs in the country, overseeing a team of more than 300 employees and serving more than 15,000 clients. She will teach you to scale her tips to the size of your business as she shares how to run an organization with a servant’s heart, how to lead through adversity (even hurricanes) and how to bring unity to a large organization.

SELL More Vision and Be a Rainmaker in Your Business (panel)

Saturday 10:50–11:50am

Ashley Selman, Travis Barnes and Mark Fisher

Selling fitness services starts with selling a vision. Learn how three leading studio owners and entrepreneurs turned their passion for fitness into a profitable business. Hear their top tips for selling vision, selling services and selling their unique brand in their community. These owners are rainmakers and influencers and you can be, too.

GROW Business Coaching Breakout Session

Saturday 1:00–2:10pm

Todd Durkin, MA, Trina Gray and Mark Fisher

Gather with industry peers to share best practices and receive individual coaching on places in your business that you feel stuck. This interactive breakout session will be a highlight of the convention as attendees work together in breakout groups led by three of the most successful club owners in the country. You’ll write, share and find answers to break past the plateaus and barriers in your business.

RUN Your Business Like a Smooth Operator

Saturday 2:20–3:45pm

Ashley Selman, MA

Nothing feels better than a business that runs efficiently and a leader who runs on energy and clarity. In this session, you will learn specific, proven ways to run your schedule, your team, your numbers, your operations and your revenues using the S.T.U.D.I.O method. It will be easy to remember and even easier to implement. Leave this session with better management tools for you and your business.

ACT Go Home With a Plan

Saturday 4:15–5:15pm

Todd Durkin, MA, and Trina Gray

This closing session of the Club & Studio Summit will allow you to take a deep breath, digest what you’ve learned and be mentally prepared to act. Industry leaders and top producers Todd Durkin and Trina Gray will share their common pitfalls and best strategies for prioritizing and delegating, and then walk you through a 30-day, 90-day and 12-month business plan. They will help you take the next steps now before you leave the event and stash your notes.