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No matter where you are in your career, there are a multitude of options to help you improve your growth potential. With more than 100 sessions on a host of topics, you are sure to find exactly what you need to get ahead.

>> Beyond Training: Coach Clients for Better Success

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching Revealed
  • Smart and Sustainable Meal Planning for All Clients
  • The Other 165—Habit-Based Coaching for Long-Term Success
  • The Cost of Getting Lean—Is It Really Worth the Trade-Off?
  • Get the Most Out of Your 60 Minutes—Nutrition Strategies for Before, During and After Exercise
  • Expand and Retain Clients With Health Coaching

>> Maximize Revenue and Profits

  • Selling Without “Selling”
  • Social Media Content Made Easy
  • How to Use Technology to Change Your Client’s Behavior
  • Smart Money Tips for Smart Business Owners
  • NPE: How to Double Your Sales in 6 Months (or Less)!
  • The Productivity Plan—Align Purpose With Passion to Create Profit
  • How I Opened My Fitness Studio (Panel)

>> Smart Program Design

  • Quick and Easy Program Design for Awesome Results!
  • Complete Strength Development
  • Your Guide to Stronger Legs and Great Glutes!
  • Solving the Mobility–Stability–Strength Puzzle
  • The Role of Variability in Program Design, by ActivMotion Bar™

>> Mobility and Movement

  • The 3-D Fascial Core—Movement Redefined!
  • Reversing Pain Caused by Upper Crossed Syndrome
  • Self-Care Strategies for Ankle Mobility
  • Pelvic Bias—What Is It and How Does It Relate to Lower-Back Pain?
  • Rehabilitation Strategies for Lower-Extremity Injuries, by Gray Institute®
  • Restorative Poses for Recovery
  • Functional Breathing = Functional Movement, by FMS

>> Target Niche Markets

  • Posture and Core for Aging Successfully—Basics and Beyond
  • Bridge the Gap Between “Female” and “Athlete,” by FMS
  • Complete Program Design for the Obese/Overweight Client, Updated for 2017
  • Osteoporosis, It’s NOT Just an Old—Lady Disease!
  • Smarter Exercise for Smarter, Fitter Kids!
  • Beyond the Bump: Postnatal Exercise Ideas for New Moms
  • Fat-Loss Programming for Your Female Clients, by Perform Better®

>> Power-Up Your Programs

  • Coaching Versus Training—How to Design and Coach Athletic-Based Circuits, by Power Systems®
  • TRX®: High-Intensity Interval Training Evolved
  • Renegade—Athletic Circuits Reinvented, Powered by Hedstrom Fitness
  • A New Spin on Small-Group Training, Powered by Stroops
  • NASM®: Boot Camps and Group Training: How to Organize the Madness
  • Small-Group Training—Building Mastery!

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