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NASM®: Corrective Exercise Model—Essentials and Beyond
Rick Richey, MS / Workshop • Thu., Mar. 30 • 10:30am–4:00pm

As a trainer, you know that muscle imbalances lead to poor movement, and that poor movement leads to injury. Rather than simply working around client dysfunction, it might be time to start identifying, addressing and implementing a course of intervention to correct the issues that plague your clients.

By applying the concepts and practices introduced in this preconference workshop (all within the trainer’s scope of practice), you’ll walk away with programs and tools that will get your clients moving, functioning and feeling better.

In this preconference workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Apply the NASM corrective exercise (CEx) model
  • Conduct multiple movement assessments (e.g., overhead squat, single-leg squat, pushup, shoulder rotation)
  • Identify imbalances that lead to altered movement patterns and implement various movement interventions
  • Create peer programs for each major area of movement dysfunction
  • Implement the NASM CEx program for your clients
This preconference workshop has been approved for 0.5 ACE, 5.0 ACSM, 5.0 AFAA, 5.0 AFPA, 5.0 BCRPA, 5.0 CHEK, 5.0 CI, 5.0 IFPA, 5.0 ISSA, 0.5 NAFC, 0.5 NASM, 0.5 NCCPT, 5.0 NCEP, 2.5 NCSF, 0.5 NESTA, 5.0 NETA, 1.0 NFPT, 5.0 NPI, 0.5 NSCA, 5.0 NSPA, 5.0 PTAG CEC/CEUs.
This is not a certification. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Precision Nutrition Coaching Revealed
Adam Feit, MS / Lecture • Thu., Mar. 30 • 10:00am–5:00pm

For over a decade, people have wondered exactly how Precision Nutrition gets such remarkable—and sustainable—results with clients. Today, the step-by-step formula is revealed. Want to change your life? Try the ideas yourself. Want to improve as a coach? Try them with your clients.

The presenter will cover the fundamentals of nutrition science and dive deep into the process of nutrition coaching. He will teach you how to properly assess your clients, and build an appropriate habit-based nutrition plan. He will also give you Precision Nutrition's proven practice-based formula for helping clients change their lives, forever.

This preconference workshop has been approved for 0.6 ACE, 6.0 ACSM, 7.0 AFAA, 6.0 AFPA, 6.0 BCRPA, 6.0 CHEK, 6.0 CI, 6.0 IFPA, 6.0 ISSA, 0.6 NAFC, 0.7 NASM, 0.6 NCCPT, 6.0 NCEP, 3.0 NCSF, 0.6 NESTA, 6.0 NETA, 1.0 NFPT, 6.0 NPI, 0.6 NSCA, 6.0 NSPA, 6.0 PTAG CEC/CEUs.
Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

early-bird expires 02/24/17

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Functional Aging Specialist Certification Course
Cody Sipe, PhD / Workshop • Thu., Mar. 30 • 8:30am–5:30pm

The rapid growth of the aging population (age 50+) presents unprecedented opportunity for the fitness professional who understands how to train these clients effectively. This comprehensive and innovative certification program is just what you need to become an expert in functional fitness for mature adults.

Boomers and aging adults come to you for your expertise. This interactive workshop will give you the tools and teach you the skills necessary to implement functional training techniques, strategies and movements that are important to your aging clientele. Also, learn to conduct meaningful functional assessments and develop effective exercise programs. Whether you conduct private trainings, small-group trainings or group fitness classes, the techniques learned in this valuable certification will serve you and your clients for years to come.

Participants will get full access to all of the online education modules (6+ hours of video, manuals, audio files), several of which will need to be completed prior to the workshop. This certification also requires participants to complete an online exam.

This preconference workshop has been approved for 0.8 ACE, 8.0 ACSM, 8.0 AFAA, 8.0 AFPA, 8.0 BCRPA, 8.0 CHEK, 8.0 CI, 8.0 IFPA, 8.0 ISSA, 0.8 NAFC, 0.8 NASM, 0.8 NCCPT, 8.0 NCEP, 4.0 NCSF, 0.8 NESTA, 8.0 NETA, 1.5 NFPT, 8.0 NPI, 8.0 NSPA, 8.0 PTAG CEC/CEUs.
Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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