Programming Highlights

Knowledge is Power!

Invest in Education and Watch Your Career EXPLODE

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or have been training for decades, you’ll gain access to the insider knowledge and skills you need to take your career and business to the next level.

Master Mobility and Movement Science

  • Corrective Exercise for Enhanced Performance
  • Strategies for Lower-Extremity Injuries, by Gray Institute®
  • FMS: Tackling Mobility and Flexibility Problems
  • Stability Versus Mobility—Which Comes First?

Maximize Revenue and Profits

  • Social Media: Mastering the Basics
  • Stay Financially Fit: Create More Revenue Streams
  • 10 Easy Online Income Streams for Trainers
  • Marketing Your Training Business

Receive Career-Boosting Coaching for You

  • Fitness Pro 2.0: The Changing Landscape of Personal Training
  • Thrive as a Personal Trainer and Avoid Burnout
  • Make the Leap: Staff Trainer to Entrepreneur
  • Five Steps to Creating the Training Schedule You Want

Target Niche Markets

  • Boomers From Prehab to Rehab
  • Creating Breakthrough Results for Your Female Clients, Sponsored by Perform Better®
  • Insights and Programming for Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Prenatal Exercise: Should She or Shouldn’t She?

Power-Up Your Programs

  • Obstacle Course Race: Specific Training for Groups
  • Move, Train, Play: How to Create an Unparalleled Training Experience
  • Powerful Functional Circuits for Older Adults
  • Mastering Small-Group Personal Training

Learn Innovative Program Design Ideas

  • The Most Important Hour in Fitness: The Consultation
  • TRX®: Advanced Programming—Putting It All Together
  • The Warm-Up Makeover: Starting With a Bang
  • Assess, Release, Stretch and Stabilize: A Formula for Better Function

Understand the New Science of Food

  • Fat Loss: Strategies That Really Work
  • You Are When You Eat: Timing Is Everything
  • Better Nutrition for Your Aging Clients
  • Fueling for Fitness: Whole Food Nutrition
  • What’s Trending in Nutrition?

Strengthen Your Grasp of Health Matters

  • Pressing RESET to Restore Health and Strength
  • Fitness For the Brain at Any Age
  • The Science of Longevity