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Attendees Frequently Recommend Products to their Clients:

  • 85% Equipment

  • 74% Fitness Programs

  • 66% Food & Beverage Products

  • 43% Books & Education
  • 29% Clothing

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is the event of the year for personal trainers and fitness business owners looking for the tools and strategies they need to take their careers to the next level. It attracts the very best in the industry, future fitness business leaders and sought-after experts who can drive your business to new heights, making it the best place to feature your brand for the exposure you seek.

When you sponsor the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute, your brand is placed in the spotlight with personal trainers who influence millions of consumers’ buying habits each year.

Sponsorships will sell out. Don’t miss your chance to drive your message to those influencers with the power to magnify your company far and wide.

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