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Promotional Seminars

Add specialty knowledge to your repertoire by attending these Promotional Seminars.

Promotional seminars are not part of IDEA education and do not qualify for CECs.

The Physics of Pain and Performance

July 23, 2022 12:00pm • Session PS690 • Promotional seminar

The Physics of Pain and Performance

Presented by Patrick Mummy

As the field of corrective exercise continues to thrive, clients suffering from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction increasingly request therapeutic exercise strategies from personal trainers and healthcare practitioners. Meeting this client demand requires the ability to competently and successfully integrate corrective exercise methods into client exercise programs.  This workshop will introduce you to Symmetry’s certification program and patented AlignSmart™ Technology, where you will learn the necessary steps to measure, educate, correct and empower your clients to optimal posture and performance.


July 23, 2022 12:00pm • Session PS691 • Promotional seminar

3 Keys to Creating and Sustaining Your High Performing Outdoor and Mobile Fitness Business

Presented by Chris Frankel, PhDCarlos Garcia

If executing a proven business approach that empowers you to highlight your core skills as a fitness professional is what you are looking for, don’t miss this session. Creating client-centric training environments and experiences which are effective, scalable, and compelling requires innovative approaches to maximize current and future outdoor fitness demands. This session will provide actionable take-aways on how to combine innovative products, equipment, and market demands with science-based programming to maximize the advantages of training outdoors and on the move.


July 22, 2022 12:00pm • Session PS490 • Promotional seminar

Pfilates…The Last Fitness Issue!

Presented by Bruce Crawford, MDHeather Dibkey, MS

Is the pelvic floor holding your clients back? Pfilates was created by a physician to provide a widely accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor power by utilizing the principles of plyometrics. This program has been extensively researched, published in the medical literature, and shown to increase pelvic floor activity by up to 10x that of a standard Kegel. Not only will you learn about the pelvic floor and have an opportunity to practice a couple of the movements in your own body, but we will show you how to leverage this program with your existing client base to create an additional revenue stream earning passive income.