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2022 IDEA World – Partner Resource Guide

Las Vegas, get ready for 2022 IDEA World!

Here you will find resources you can use to help promote 2022 IDEA World in Las Vagas Nevada, this July 20-24 2022.


Event styling and branding

When talking about and promoting 2022 IDEA World, please follow event branding.

2022 IDEA World home page

Find everything you need to know on the 2022 IDEA World home page.


Event Title

Please refer to the event as either "2022 IDEA World" or "2022 IDEA World Convention"

Event Location

Registration, Education Sessions & the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo:
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd. • Las Vegas, NV 89109

Event colors

Dark Blue: #042337
Yellow: #FCD209
Red: #E64B43


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Fact Sheet

2022 IDEA World Fact Sheet - Download


Official 2022 IDEA World brochure


Official 2022 IDEA World Logo


IDEA World


2022 IDEA World

Email Copy & Images

Marketing copy

Email Copy #1 – Early Bird (Use now through June 24, 2022) 

Take Advantage Early-Bird Pricing! 

2022 IDEA® World Convention takes place in-person this July 20-24, 2022, in Las Vegas. Celebrate IDEA’s 40th Anniversary while re-engaging with colleagues and boosting your earning potential at the industry's premier educational event. 

In celebration of IDEA’s 40th Anniversary, we’re offering early-bird pricing for members as low as $164! Enjoy this commemorative offer until June 24.  

Not a member? A full 4-day 2022 IDEA World registration ($164) and a 1-year IDEAfit+ Membership ($199) is only $383 through June 24, 2022.  

Register Today! <<Button>> 


Email Copy #2 - Highlighted sessions and presenters (evergreen) 

You heard right: IDEA World Convention will be epic!   

We’ve created a line-up of the most sought-after topics and presenters for this year's event. Your 2022 IDEA World Convention experience is going to be LIMITLESS!  

 There is plenty of inspiring and career-changing content to experience at IDEA World. Here are just a few of the amazing topic areas and sessions in store for you in Las Vegas.   

 Programming Highlights:

  • Training Solutions  
    • Metabolic Conditioning With 9 Invincible Workouts with Len Kravitz, PhD  
  • Business Strategy  
    • Create a Subscription Studio That Rocks! with Sadie Nardini  
  • Barefoot Movement 
    • Enhancing Your Yoga Practice Through Sensory Manipulations with Calvin Corzine  
  • Group Fitness Mastery  
    • Defining and Delivering Your Signature Class with Ingrid Knight-Cohee  
  • Supporting Underserved Populations  
    • Small-Group Adaptive Fitness Programming: Coaching Clients With Disabilities with Robby Febo and Devon Palermo  
  • Fitness Science and Application
    • Glutes: Controversy and Corrective Exercise with Evan Osar, DC  

View the full agenda (Button)  

 *Reminder - Early-bird pricing expires June 24 

Email Images

Official 2022 IDEA World Email Graphics


Social and Event Hashtag

Social Copy:

Early Bird Social Copy - (used through June 24)

Early Bird pricing is here! 🐣 Have you reserved your spot for IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas, July 20-24? Reserve your spot before prices go up. Join thousands of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, business owners and managers, and wellness and mind-body professionals for 4 days of unparalleled learning opportunities and unforgettable experiences. 🙌 Register now: <link>

General Event Social Copy #1 - (evergreen)

You don't want to miss this! 😍 Celebrate IDEA’s 40th Anniversary at IDEA World Convention while re-engaging with colleagues and learning through the most inspiring educational tracks provided by the industry's premier event.

General Event Social Copy #2 - (evergreen)

Save THIS date 💥 IDEA World Convention is back, in-person! Celebrate IDEA’s 40th Anniversary while re-engaging with colleagues and learning through the most inspiring educational tracks provided by the industry's premier event. 🙌 Register now:

Tracking Link to Pricing Page:

https://www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/2022-idea-world/pricing/?sourcecode=partner_organicsocial&trackingcode=eve_world_2022_eg_partner-resource-world-pricing&utm_source=partner&utm_medium=organicsocial&utm_campaign=eve_world_2022_eg&utm_content=partner-resource-world-pricing (replace “partner” with partner name but leave remaining code) for example = “........utm_content=Yournamehere-resource-world-pricing”)

Tracking Link to HomePage:

https://www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/2022-idea-world/?sourcecode=partner_organicsocial&trackingcode=eve_world_2022_eg_partner-resource-world-homepage&utm_source=partner&utm_medium=organicsocial&utm_campaign=eve_world_2022_eg&utm_content=partner-resource-world-homepage (replace “partner” with partner name but leave remaining code) for example = “........utm_content=Yournamehere-resource-world-pricing”)


Hashtags -

#ideaworld22 #ideaworld #ideafit #ideahealthandftitness


Links to our social pages (for tagging) -

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ideafit 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ideafit 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ideafit/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/idea-health-&-fitness 


Facebook Event Page (to RSVP) - https://fb.me/e/3br0DMswy 

Copy: Follow IDEA's social Networks to get involved before, during, and after the event using #2022IDEAWorld.


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2022 IDEA World Hype Video

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