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United We Thrive Leadership Series

We unite because there’s strength in numbers and diversified voices and stories. We thrive by honoring differences and bridging gaps with the belief that fitness and a high quality of life are for every body. Take a deep dive into thought-provoking topics that will make fitness more trustworthy, inclusive, equitable and impactful. Join discussions on important issues like racism, equity, inclusivity, weight bias, body image, gender pay gaps and more.

Tackling Racism and Discrimination in the Fitness Industry

Moderator: Katrina Pilkington; Panelists: Percell Dugger, Dynasti Hunt, MEd, MBA, and Ilya Parker
Discover key takeaways to better support our diverse fitness communities.
No CECs offered for this panel session.

Creating Spaces for ALL Bodies

Tasha Edwards, MS, Molly Galbraith and Kellie Walters, PhD
Find out how to create environments where everyone feels welcome.
No CECs offered for this panel session.

Women in Fitness

Moderator: Sabrena Jo, MS; Panelists: Venus Davis, Jiji Pollock, MS, and Lauren Shroyer, MS
Discuss and learn strategies for overcoming unique challenges women face in fitness.
No CECs offered for this panel session.

The DEI Audit

Dynasti Hunt, MEd, MBA, and Lindsey Rainwater
Understand more about how to create a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

Women in Leadership: A Case Study

Lindsey Rainwater and Stephanie Singleton
Identify upper-limit problems that prevent you from achieving your ultimate potential.
No CECs offered for this panel session.

Earn Your Worth: How to Have Conversations About Equal Pay

Jennifer Halsall and Lindsey Rainwater
Gain confidence in how to have an important conversation about compensation.