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Featured Sessions

03/06/2021 7:15am • Session 120 • Lecture

Coaching Obstacles Into Opportunities

Presented by Petra Kolber

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

More than ever before, transformational leaders like yourself are desperately needed. In order to truly impact lasting client success, you must move beyond the what of what we do and explore the why behind it. In this powerful session, you will understand how to apply evidence-based strategies that will help your clients break down the barriers they face and achieve positive and long-term behavior change.

03/06/2021 8:20am • Session 130 • Lecture

Metabolic Makeover: Key Science and Applications Surrounding Metabolism

Presented by Fabio Comana, MA, MS

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

As a population obsessed with body shape, the quest to discover hacks and shortcuts to boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss continues. Apart from a basic understanding that metabolism translates to expended calories, how much do we really understand about the complexities of this process and what influences metabolic rates in the body? This course will explore metabolism and its influencers, and introduce some simple ideas and easy-to-implement strategies that fitness practitioners can utilize to increase metabolism in the quest to transform flab to fab.

03/06/2021 8:20am • Session 131 • Workshop

A Systems Approach to Enhancing Mobility and Performance

Presented by Paul Cauldwell and Chris Nentarz, PT

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

The link between mobility and performance is clear; however, guiding our clients down this path can be cloudy. Life and injuries conspire against our ability to move freely. This session blends time honored, tested training methods with new research and science to help you deliver a systematic approach to assessing and improving your client’s or athlete’s mobility and performance. Participants can expect to learn the neuroanatomy of mobility, mobility screening and corrective strategies to enhance movement. We will conclude with case studies to reinforce when to apply the best strategies at the best time for the best results.

03/06/2021 8:20am • Session 132 • Workshop

How Bias Prevents Optimal Client & Business Success...and What to Do About It

Presented by Katrina Pilkington

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

As personal fitness trainers, much of our business is working with fellow humans on their health and wellness goals. Our goal is more than likely to reach as many people as we can and make a difference in their lives. However, unconscious bias—which exists in everyone—can limit your ability to positively impact clients and grow your business. In this session, we will dissect what kinds of bias exist in the fitness and wellness space and break down how to understand yours so you can expand your reach and truly elevate your community.

03/06/2021 10:00am • Session 141 • Workshop

Progressive Programming for Active Aging

Presented by Leslee Bender

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Training to prevent injuries and improve performance and strength should be at the forefront of your active ager’s fitness program. In this innovative session, you will discover imperative insights, tools and techniques for designing programs for clients who face limitations. Based on applied functional exercise science, you will develop solid action plans for guiding this growing population—whether in person or virtually—toward a sustainable high quality of life.

03/06/2021 10:00am • Session 142 • Lecture

How to Create Profitable Digital, Virtual and Live Products

Presented by Jessica Maurer

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Online training, virtual challenges, live streaming…the options for increased revenue are endless. But with ever-expanding technology, it’s easy to be confused about where to put your time and money. This lecture will discuss the latest tools to help you obtain and retain clients while teaching you how to create remarkable and profitable digital, virtual and live products. Learn where to start, how to build it and how to generate awareness in this dynamic, informative workshop.

03/06/2021 12:40pm • Session 160 • Lecture

Resistance Training Updates and Myth Busting

Presented by Zachary Mang, MS and Tony Nuñez, PhD

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Resistance training is a key component of most clients’ programs. Get up to speed on the recent research pertaining to the fundamentals of resistance training programming such as volume, intensity and rest intervals. This session will also explore controversial topics like rotating exercises, training to failure, functional exercise, the interference effect and more. You’ll walk away with a solid plan for designing effective, evidence-based resistance training programs for every client.

03/06/2021 12:40pm • Session 161 • Workshop

How to Program and Produce Exceptional Virtual Training Experiences

Presented by Susane Pata

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Navigating through a new pandemic world with fitness clients presents some of the most unique challenges experienced to date. One of those challenges was to quickly transition online and deliver training sessions from a distance. Now that the dust has settled, we’ve learned that high-quality virtual training requires more than a Zoom account. In this session you will gather all the insight you need to deliver high quality virtual training sessions—from budget-friendly technology and behavioral enhancement tools to client communication, program design strategies for all environments and more.

03/06/2021 12:40pm • Session 162 • Lecture

Grow Your Online Revenue Stream

Presented by Lewis Agnew and Phil Carr

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

The customer experience is the cornerstone of a successful business and never has that been more important than now. Like it or not, the digital era is here and it’s critical that you engage with your clients on more than just a dialogue basis to be successful. Whether you have a face-to-face or online business, you’ll discover must-have techniques to enhance engagement and prosper in a marketplace that’s becoming more and more competitive. Survive or thrive? You choose.

03/06/2021 3:20pm • Session 180 • Lecture

Five Keys to Leadership Mastery

Presented by Dan McDonogh

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

The fitness industry is competitive, demanding and ever evolving, which requires us to be at our best every day. We need to learn how to do less better to not only help our clients achieve their goals but to ensure we have the physical, mental and emotional capacity to meet the demands we face daily both at work and at home. Award-winning fitness professional Dan McDonogh will share with you the five key elements that have helped him build a fulfilling and rewarding career.

03/07/2021 7:15am • Session 211 • Workshop

Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Shoulder and Hip Complexes

Presented by Evan Osar, DC

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Shoulder and hip dysfunction are common issues facing today’s clientele. In this interactive session, you will learn how to perform a virtual as well as in-person assessment to identify common postural issues of the shoulder and hip complexes. You’ll then understand how to select the most effective corrective exercises for each client and how to integrate them into their strength training programs.

03/07/2021 7:15am • Session 212 • Lecture

Standing Out: Branding YOU

Presented by Sadie Nardini

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

The pandemic has brought with it a lot more competition and it seems like everyone’s angling to be visible in the wellness space. But you don’t have to stress. With a few simple tools, you can quickly designate your place, brand your unique personality and expertise, and claim your rightful spot on or offline. Your clients are waiting for you! Let Sadie help you get crystal clear about how to help them find you on a whole new abundant level.

03/07/2021 8:50am • Session 220 • Lecture

Your Brain on Exercise

Presented by Ryan Glatt

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Fitness professionals have the opportunity to join allied health professionals in addressing cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This session will review the research on how certain exercise modalities can deferentially affect the brain, and provide an initial framework for the assessment and programming of cognitive health within exercise programs.

03/07/2021 8:50am • Session 221 • Workshop

Small Equipment, Big Ideas and even Bigger Opportunities: Training the 2021 Client

Presented by Krista Popowych

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Riding the wave of change and with new windows of opportunity, today’s personal trainer must be creative in expanding their client base and cater to a diverse clientele in a multitude of environments. In this session, Krista will take you through how to develop effective programs for different clients in multiple environments. Whether you are training virtually, outdoors, at the office, or back at the studio, Krista will provide you with training exercises using portable and small equipment. Big on ideas, top up your toolbox with effective do-anywhere exercises.

03/07/2021 8:50am • Session 222 • Workshop

The Retention Blueprint for Trainers

Presented by Sheldon McBee, MS

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

It has never been more important than today to catch better than you chase. The fitness industry has shifted significantly due to a pandemic, flourishing tech solutions and growing competition. A clear retention strategy will now be as crucial as powerful programming and new client acquisition. Learn to stand tall and stand out with a unique retention blueprint that can change the face of your business. At the end of this interactive session, you will walk away with action plans and powerful strategies to build a loyal client following for the long term.

03/17/2021 10:30am • Session 230 • Lecture

Body Inclusivity: More than a Movement

Presented by Kellie Walters, PhD

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Behavior change is deeply rooted in our innate sense of self and in order for fitness professionals to help their clients make more positive health behavior changes, they must understand how body image—their clients’ as well as their own—influences decision making and client interactions. In this impactful session, researcher and assistant professor Kellie Walters, PhD, provides an understanding of the current body image culture within the fitness industry and ways to interact with clients to ensure a body inclusive space.

03/07/2021 12:40pm • Session 251 • Workshop

Maximize your Maximus: Advanced Glutes Training

Presented by Pete Holman, MSPT

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Do your clients constantly nag you about building a stronger rear? Do they complain about back pain? This session will dive deep on the structure and function of the glutes so that you have a full understanding of the kinematic motions that occur around the hips. You’ll learn how to assess range of motion and strength, and correct dysfunction so that you can program a well-rounded glute workout while improving back health.

03/07/2021 12:40pm • Session 252 • Lecture

Rebuild and Revitalize Your Business's Infrastructure

Presented by Ronda Williams, MS and Jessica Bottesch, MA

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Independent trainers, studio owners and gym managers have been forced to reimagine and rebuild their businesses and/or create a hybrid model. It’s stressful to rebuild, but this provides an opportunity to do things differently. This lecture will showcase the four main systems all wellness pros need to establish: profit systems, client systems, team systems and marketing systems. Walk away with specific action items for each system so you can move forward with confidence as you rebuild and/or reimagine the next stage of your career.

03/07/2021 3:30pm • Session 270 • Lecture

Be a Playmaker: Take Your Career to New Heights

Presented by Michael Piercy, MS

This session has been approved by the following agencies:

Want to take your fitness career to the next level? Want to make a lasting impression? Learn the lessons acquired from life and sport that can help get you in the game, make smart plays and implement strategies to secure lasting career success.