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Club & Studio Summit


IDEA World Club & Studio Summit has been a sought-after event for years because attendees consistently walk away with easy-to-implement action plans to overcome the hurdles of operating a successful business as well as how to make it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Over the course of 2 days, the best in the business will be on hand live to share their strategies for success and to help you overcome the challenges you face now and develop the resilience to face them in the future—all from the comfort of your living room.


August 21–22, 2020





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8:00–9:30am • Session 110 • Panel
Best Practices in the New Normal
Travis Barnes, Mark Fisher, and Trina Gray
The fitness industry landscape changed when our world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic and we were forced to stay home and stay safe. Clubs and studios had the ability to rise to the occasion, reinvent and deliver new services online and then reopen with new safety measures in place and new hybrid models. Some studios had to make tough decisions to close locations, reduce services or make a new business plan all together. Get the latest advice, updates and best practices for operating in our new normal, as well as communicating effectively to inspire confidence among clients and members.

9:30–11:00am • Session 120 • Lecture
Diversity Strengthens Leadership
Francesca Schuler, MBA
If you want to create a fitness community where people feel like they belong and are comfortable working out, but they don’t see anyone in your gym that looks like them, they will either walk away or won’t stay for very long. CEO of the wildly popular health club chain In-Shape shares top strategies for how to build a successful and popular business by understanding your target market and developing a space, message and team that reflects—and embraces—it.

12 Noon–1:00pm • Session 140 • Keynote Presentation
Creating Inclusivity in the Fitness Space
Chrissy King
Fitness and wellness go far beyond exercise and nutrition. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are equally important and have a direct impact on physical health. And we can’t adequately take a holistic approach to wellness without addressing racism, how it affects wellbeing and prevents some people from feeling safe in their bodies. In this powerful session, you will understand why it is imperative that fitness and wellness practitioners engage in conversations about anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, and how to examine their own implicit bias. You will walk away with steps you can take to create a fitness space that is inclusive, accessible and demands justice for ALL bodies.

1:00–2:30pm • Session 150 • Lecture
Lead and Empower a Loyal Team
Staci Alden, Rachel Cosgrove, and Andrew Simpson
The best leaders in the industry solve problems, grow revenues, mentor other leaders and create a winning culture. This session will give you the straight talk on how to become a servant leader and show empathy and heart while being decisive. Whether you have a part-time or full-time team of five or 500, this session will help you make a simple plan for grooming and retaining top talent. Get tips on pay structure, bonus systems, continuing education opportunities, team building activities, reviews, goal setting and more. Employees want to feel valued, heard, challenged and rewarded for their contributions; learn how to deliver on that promise.

3:30–4:30pm • Session 170 • Keynote Presentation
Becoming a Behavioral Health Spotter
Michael Mantell, PhD
COVID19 has shaken up the lives of all of us. While this pandemic shake has shifted many people’s lives in better directions, for so many of your clients it has sent them into an emotional tailspin of anxiety, stress, loneliness, fear, worry and depression. In this session, you will develop up-to-date, evidence-backed psychological skills on how to look beyond the outside to identify signs of possible emotional disruption, and how to motivate, encourage and communicate with clients during this turbulent time and beyond.


8:00–9:30am • Session 220 • Lecture
Retain Clients Forever
Sheldon McBee, Billy Polson and Matt Wright, MS
Do you wish your members would fall in love with your brand and stay loyal to it forever? Don’t leave it to chance. Learn to get strategic about every step of client’s journey, whether they are training with you from home or in person. From their orientation to goal setting to integrating them into the culture of your community, implement a client system that leads to better results and improved communication with them inside and outside the club.

9:30–11:00am • Session 230 • Lecture
Get Social Savvy to Communicate Better
Nickie Carrigan and Sarah Morrison
Social media can be a great way to meet new clients, grow your brand, increase your business and help more people. It is critical for engaging your community and keeping them connected to your business in changing times. Social media can also be a drain on your time—but there are proven ways to get strategic so that it doesn’t become a full-time job. In this session, two top fitness leaders and social media experts will teach you to get savvy on Instagram and Facebook, share tips and examples for your club and studio and explain how to showcase your clients’ success to drive business and dollars.

12 Noon–1:00pm • Session 250 • Keynote Presentation
Powerful Me! The Strategies, Mindset and Actions of the Most Successful
Peter Twist, MSc
How do the world’s consistently top-performing people approach each day to stay in forward motion? What is the game plan to become a top leader, grow in your career, create opportunity and build a business? In this inspiring and motivating session, Peter will share his tips and takeaways to become more resilient, show up as your best self, and grow to new heights of success. Through his own personal journey, rising up from the devastation of stage 4 cancer, Peter has learned exactly what it takes to navigate difficulty, rise up and discover new levels of success.

1:00–2:30pm • Session 260 • Lecture
Leading Through Adversity and Dealing with Conflict
Todd Durkin, MA, Erin Kelly and Chris Stevenson
Your journey as a leader will include struggle, sweat and some tough decisions. Things go wrong in business—our doors are ordered closed, we lose members and employees, a top employee leaves without notice, a group of clients cancel together, a competitor opens up next door or a new program flops. This breakout will give you the tools to overcome every challenge and help you feel more confident navigating rough waters in normal times and pandemic times.

2:30–3:30pm • Session 270 • Lecture
Go Home With a Plan, Sponsored by
Trina Gray and Chris Stevenson
Take your session notes from paper to action with the help of two IDEA leaders. Get tips on goal setting, time management and communication that will help you implement changes in your business and with your team.We’ll discuss how to adapt in your business and personal life to accommodate life’s unexpected twists and turns. This session will set you up to create a final action plan to capture your best ideas from the Club & Studio Summit and leave the virtual event with clarity.




Q: What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is hosted entirely online. Attendees participate through a conference website designed specifically for IDEA World Virtual.  It will allow attendees to watch and participate in sessions and presentations live from their computers. There will also be a virtual expo hall and virtual swag bag where you can connect with brands about their products and services, plus receive exclusive discounts and free swag from the event sponsors.

Q: What technology is required to attendee IDEA World Virtual?

A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone or similar device with internet connectivity is all that is required. 

Q: What happens if you have technical issues during IDEA World Virtual?

There will be a virtual “help desk” available at all times during the event. If you are experiencing any technical difficulty, there will be live staff ready to help you troubleshoot issues.

Q: How do I register?

1. Online: Visit this link to sign up today!


2. By Phone: Call our Inspired Service Team toll-free at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7. Outside the U.S. and Canada: dial (858) 535-8979, ext. 7. (7:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday) Please have your credit card number and expiration date ready.

Please check back soon for an update on 2021 IDEA World

Q: Are payment plans available?

Yes, you can pay as little as 33% of the total registration cost to secure your registration and pay the balance at a later date.  Just ensure your total is paid in full prior to the event start date. You can make additional payments using the link and confirmation code received in your registration email.

Q: I was registered for the In-Person event in Anaheim. Can my open credit be used for a registration at IDEA World Virtual?

Yes! We would love to have you join us at the virtual event. If you have an open credit you would like to use please call our Inspired Service Team toll-free at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7. Outside the U.S. and Canada: dial (858) 535-8979, ext. 7. (7:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday). Please have your credit card number and expiration date ready.

Q: What is the event registration cancellation policy?

If we receive your cancellation notice 30 days prior to IDEA World Virtual, the administrative processing fee is $100. There will be no refunds allowed after that date or for no-shows. You can cancel any time prior to the event a credit will be issued that can be used toward a future IDEA event. Credits issued will expire on December 31 of the following calendar year.

We've made it easier to switch names on registrations at no charge. If you can't make it, you may send a colleague in your place by contacting Inspired Service at least 7 days prior to the event (switches are subject to a fee increase based on membership status). Contact Inspired Service for further assistance at (800) 999-4332, x7, or email at [email protected].

Q: How do I get a group discount on event registrations?

For a discount on group registrations please contact IDEA Inspired Service at (800) 999-4332 ext. 7 for assistance.

Q: Do IDEA Business Members have an event discount?

IDEA Business Members receive the discounted member price on unlimited registrations. Please contact IDEA Inspired Service at (800) 999-4332 ext. 7 for assistance.

Q: What are the dates and hours of the virtual event?

All times listed will be Pacific Standard Time.  This is a live event.  The time in your location could differ from the listed times so please update your calendar accordingly.

Friday August 21: 7:15am-5:30pm (PST)

Saturday August 22: 7:15am-5:00pm (PST)

You may purchase 12-month on-demand access to all sessions at IDEA World Virtual. You can come back any time over the 12 months following the event and watch sessions you weren’t able to attend live. This is also a great option for international attendees who are experiencing significant time differences.

Q: How do I enter the IDEA World Virtual event platform?

You will receive a reminder email with instructions prior to the event. Your email address and confirmation number will be your access into the virtual event space.  The virtual event space will be open at 6:45am PST (30 minutes prior to the start of sessions) each day.  We recommend you use this time to navigate the space, test your internet connection and familiarize yourself with the functionality.

Q: Do I need to select sessions prior to the event?

No, you do not need to pre-select sessions.  Once the virtual event goes live you are free to access any session you prefer. 

Q: Are there pre-conference certification sessions?

No, there will not be additional certification or additional CEC options available at IDEA World Virtual.

Q: Will sessions be recorded and available after the Convention?

Yes, you may purchase 12-month on-demand access to all sessions at IDEA World Virtual for an additional $49.  You can come back any time over the 12 months following the event and watch sessions you weren’t able to attend live.  This is a great option for international attendees who are experiencing significant time differences.

Q: Will I be able to see the presenters during sessions?

Yes, you will be able to watch video of each presenter, side by side with their presentation.

Q: Can I ask questions during the educational sessions?

Yes, there will be a chat box available in each session and we encourage you to ask questions and  interact with presenters.

Q: Will I need fitness equipment to attend IDEA World Virtual?

The equipment needed will be minimal and alterations will be offered for those without home equipment.  You will receive e-mail communication listing recommended equipment (if any) for workouts prior to the event.

Q: Will handouts be available for event sessions?

Session Handouts will be available for print or download directly from the Event Platform. 

Q: How many CEC’s can I earn for attending IDEA World Virtual

There will be a total of 13 CEC credits available if you attend a session in each time block.

Q: How do I get CECs for the sessions I attend?

After the event ends you will be able to select the sessions you attended and have them placed in your “My Education” page. 

Your proof of attendance and CEC credits are on your CEC certificate, which you can access any time after the conference at www.ideafit.com/myeducation.

Workouts do not qualify for CECs. They are designed to be just that, a workout. No CEC-able education is associated with them.

Q: Which certification agencies offer CECs for this event?

The credits you can earn at this event are recognized by the following agencies: ACE, ACSM, AFAA, BOC, NASM, NFPT, NSCA, W.I.T.S., Cooper Institute, NETA, NESTA, and NFPT. If your certification agency is not listed, simply check with the agency to see what credits it allows.

Q: What do I do if zero credits are assigned to my scheduled session?

CECs are assigned by the certification agency, not IDEA. Certification agencies base credits on the education provided and presenter qualifications. Make sure the sessions you attend have CEC verification prior to attending.

Q: How many CECs are offered for each session?

Generally, you’ll receive one CEC per contact hour for workshops and lectures. If you attend a 2-hour workshop, you’ll receive up to 2 credit hours. We are in the process of getting approvals from each of the agencies above and will post the credits as soon as they are available. That way you’ll know exactly how many credits the session you are interested in attending is approved for by your certification agency. Check out how many CECs were offered at last year’s event here

Q: How do I join the IDEA Events Support Squad?

There will not be a Support Squad for IDEA World Virtual, but we would love your help for a future event.  If you are interested in joining the Support Squad for a future event please contact Steffi Habermann at [email protected]

Q: What is the Virtual Expo Hall?

A virtual expo hall offers the valuable education, networking and brand exploration of a physical event, but in the comfort of your home or anywhere you have an internet connection. Through an easy to navigate virtual event platform, attendees are able to move freely through virtual lobbies, auditoriums and expo halls. Featuring chats with Q&A capabilities, excitement filled special events and activities like trivia games, polling and challenges, virtual expo halls create a familiar interactive experience through a 3D virtual event platform. The IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo offers the benefits of the latest technology to connect with even more industry leaders and brands from all over the world through a high quality virtual event experience.

Q: Will my personal information be shared?

Your contact information can be set to private during the registration process but by doing so you will be forfeiting the ability to be contacted by presenters and sponsors and may miss out on giveaways, discounts and free promotions.

Q: Can I share my virtual conference login information with other members of my team?

For every registration, only one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) will be allowed to enter the virtual platform. The credits earned are tied to the account of the individual that purchased the virtual event.