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Why Fitness Could Be the Best Career Choice You Ever Make

by Amanda Vogel
If you’re considering a career in the fitness industry but are not sure what opportunities exist, read this inspirational primer about one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career paths in today’s job market. Hear from experts why their fitness careers have helped make their work—and life—dreams come true.

Where Are You in Your Fitness Career?

Starting Your Career

Considering a career in the fitness industry? Start here.

starting fitness career in the industry
If you’re thinking about becoming a group exercise instructor, a personal trainer or even taking an academic path in exercise physiology or kinesiology, this page is a great starting point. Plant a firm foot in the right direction with the content and rich resources you’ll find here.

Working Professionals

You're certified! Now what?

certified fitness professional find a job
You’ve put in your classroom hours and passed your fitness certification, but that doesn’t mean you’re employable or ready to work with clients. Have you done an internship or received hands-on training? Do you know what your next move is or should be? Learn more.

Established Professionals

Enhance your fitness career. Take it to the next level!

experienced professional further education learning
Are you an industry veteran looking for a change? You know and love fitness, but you need a new challenge or a change. It’s time to consider the options available to you for career enrichment, diversification and personal brand building. Study your options and decide what your next move in the industry will be.